Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tick Drops on Lily

From Jane via email:

“I squirted a tube on my cat Lily on November 7, 2014. Today, this is what her neck looks like.”


2 Replies to “Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tick Drops on Lily”

  1. I bought ultra gaurd flea n tick for my dog and put it on Nov 9th .not even day later my dog has gotten really sick his left eye is shut and slanted looks like he had a stroke. He couldnt walk right . Panting alot drinkin alot of water and wouldnt eat at all. I DONT KNOWHOW THEY GET AWAY WITH SELLING THIS!!! BULLSHIT…

  2. Pretty sure my cat is dying now after using this toxic waste crap. Why why why why is this not ILLEGAL TO SELL? My cat is medicated and bleeding blood and pooping blood now and I’m out al ost 900.00 from the vet AFTER USING THIS FLEA PRODUCT.


    I want to seriously go break the windows at HARTZ AND BEAT ALL THE PEOPLE THERE UP.

    Why is this a use being tolerated and why are the animals allowed to die??? B

    What can I do to help???? Some of the claims about this product are from 2008! It’s been going on this long?


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