hartz ultra guard flee & tick spray with aloe killed 2 of my cats

I have been using hartz ultra guard flea and tick spray for cat. my cats have died from use of this product. i had 3 cats, i used this spray on 2 of the 3 and the to i used it on have passed on. In the matter of 2 weeks my animals have got very sick. They could not move nor did they want to eat. I started the spray at the same time on my pets and one passed away last Saturday & the other late last night. We need these products off the shelf immediately. Why are they still selling them? Has anyone called FDA OR THE CDC? I am on edge. If I would have knew this product would kill my animal I would never of used it. I also used the flea collar on my 3rd cat and she suffered burns on her neck from the product. RIP PIPPI & ZOE

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