Keeping Our Fingers Crossed….

On Aug 30th, 2014, we put Hartz UltraGuard flea collars on our cats. We had used them for years with no problems. Our newest cat, Na’avi is an 8 yr old Norwegian forest cat (they’re related to Maine Coons).

Because she is huge and has a double coat of fur, I bought the Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea collar for her. I had never used one of these before.

Earlier tonight, September 12th, my husband yelled for me to come quickly. He had just discovered that Na’avi had lost about 2 inches of fur halfway around her neck just under the flea collar. The area was all bloody and ravaged. Because of my medical background, I recognized it as a chemical burn.

She has been acting completely normal with no signs of pain at all. The reason we had not noticed anything till now is that she sort of has a mane which covered the whole collar area. I should add that the collar was not too tight and all instructions had been followed.

I went on the net tonight to see why this particular Hartz product was so dangerous and found the HartzVictims website. My heart was aching as I read all the stories of tragic loss. My husband and I were appalled to learn that this product is still widely available. We bought ours at the local Walmart and I will be phoning them in the morning.

We hope and pray that our Na’avi will recover from this incident and extend our sincerest condolences to all who lost their precious babies.

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