Justice For Ziva

Below is our story. I will not stop until something gets done. I have sent many emails and notified many businesses, people, government officials about this product. We need to stick together to get this product off the shelves.

I just wanted to get the word out about a popular product that is being sold at many retail stores. It effects are quite disturbing. Below is our story. I want the public to know, they deserve to know. Ziva is not the only one that has passed from this product. My vet in Sallisaw advised that they have seen these effects before in pets. Please help us get the story out.

On the night of August 26th 2014 I applied the Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick preventative to my fur daughter Ziva and my fur son Boh. About 45 minutes after applying the product Boh started having issues walking, lack of control of his back legs, and weaving. I kept a close eye on him when I saw my girl was doing the same thing only much much worse. She would walk through the house and hit her head on the chair, couldn’t hold her head up to drink, vomiting, unable to stand to urinate, falling, and rolling over herself. I got her to her Dr first thing the morning of the 27th. They gave her two injections, one of a medicine that would help and another that was pain meds and the other for nausea. I called and checked on her before the Dr’s office closed that day and promised I wouldn’t be an over anxious mom and call right when the doors opened the next morning. At 0927 on the 28th I called to check. I got transferred straight to the vet and got the news. Said that he did the best he could. Came back and checked on her twice over night the poison just over took her system. I made a call to the Hartz care line and let them know what happened. The Hartz company has yet to return my call in regards to what happened to Ziva. Ziva was a frisky, happy go lucky, curl up in bed with mom to watch TV, shepherd of two little girls who grew up with her, mom to 6 week old puppies, trained for personal protection family pet of a great backgroud. This should not have happend to her or any other pet.

I am wanting to take on the Hartz Mountian Corporation in hopes to raise awareness to what their products are doing to pets. Sadly I am not the only one that this has happend too. Awareness is key and getting the word out so more pets are saved is very important to my two young children, my husband and myself.

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  1. I gave my cat “mao” this about three days ago, her behavior has changed, reclusive, not eating as much erratic behavior. Today she was sleeping on the bed and I went to pet her, she clawed me and has NEVER done that since a kitten. I am worried. I am sorry for your losses and pain.

  2. I used Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea & Tick Drops on my cat Buddy Friday around 5:00 PM and by 7:00 PM he started trembling and having spasms. I took him to the Emergency Vet and they took him immediately – gave him a bath to try and get as much of the flea medicine off and put him on a muscle relaxant. They said luckily I got him there quickly and he had only mild sysmptoms compared to some they have seen. I had to keep him calm and in a dark place for 24 hours. He did start throwing up yesterday, but hopefully that will stop soon. I did post this to my Facebook account and will tell EVERYONE I know NOT to use this product. It has an ingredient in that is actually poison, Etofenprox is a so-called pyrethroid ether pesticide.
    I just do not understand how this can still be on the market with it harming so many cats and dogs. It makes no sense to me and apparently there is nothing we can do.

  3. Hello,
    I wanted to help share the word as my pets are the world to me. I found this on accident but it is horrible to hear what you and your beloved ones had to go through 🙁 I am so sorry. I have posted this on my tumblr to try to spread the word and I hope that you do not mind, it has a credit link. If you would prefer me to take it down, I will.

  4. This product is still sold on USA store shelves daily. I would hope that a store would stop selling this product but they don’t and won’t stop selling this unless we ALL do something about it.
    I have seen innocent new pet owners in stores like WalMart, QFC, Safeway getting ready to buy this product and when I tell them about it they listen. I also let them know to go to this website and check it out for themself. It was in summer of 1993 when we experience our first encounter with this HARTZ brand killing flea product. Twenty one years later I have seen it on shelfs still. One voice is not enough. I was told back then that due to the fleas becoming use to the flea medicine, that it was not working anymore and they added more of the killing product to their pet products. They failed to mention by doing that they were also killing many pets and kittens too.
    If you make a address label with the website and what HARTZ flea items is doing to our pets others will know. Just stick the label on the shelf that has the product displayed. At least the next victim can make a choice to use it or not.
    All HARTZ did was return my money, nothing else.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss. A few days ago we treated our two dogs about 1 yr old each with Harts Ultra Pro flea treatment and neither had any reactions. Perhaps it has something to do with the breed differences. One of our dogs is a pure bread black lab, the other is a labradoodle. Pet stores in Calgary didn’t have much selection for flea treatments. i really wanted to try Comfortis, but it is quite expensive and think you can only get it online if you live in Canada.

  6. I just put this type of collar on my cat he wore it for 3 days.and started losing his hair he woke me up last night throwing up and barely able to breathe and drooling constantly. I took it off of him and washed his neck off and this morning he is acting his normal self again…its very sad that this product is still on the market….something that should be killing the pests on our pets is actually killing our pets i will never buy this brand again

  7. I lost my 2 babies this week due to Hartz flea drops. I just thought I was doing right and being a good cat mom. I had no idea anything like this about these products. The guilt I feel is tremendous. I put this toxic chemical on them. I thought if its on store shelves it can’t be bad. I wish I could have known. I want this company held responsible for what they are doing to our pets. Stop worrying about big money and do what’s right.

  8. I am sorry for your losses and issues but I do have some questions. The person above stated her “fur baby” was the “mom of six week old puppies”. Were those pups still nursing? If so, it states right on the package not to use the product. It also states to keep the treated animal away from other animals for 24hours.

    Before anyone decides to rip me a new one, I had a cat that had a reaction as well, BUT I also know why! I followed the directions to the “T” just as everyone of you have stated.
    I have never had an issue with any of my animals, so I decided to try it on our newest member. We actually watched him. We found out what caused the reaction, the convulsions, the foaming at the mouth etc., sometimes if a cat wants to be, they can be the best contortionist you have ever seen! Somehow this cat was able to lick his neck. The only spot that had the drops! We have 4 cats, he is the only one that can turn his head that far around. I have never seen it before. I have had cats and dogs all my life.
    As for the other companies: Frontline, et al, look up the ingredients and compare, you might be surprised.

    My point is any product is dangerous, read the directions, don’t put it on before you go to bed or leave the house and keep an eye on your pet even if you have tried it before.
    Use all natural if you want to be safe vinegar and water, works on fleas. Dawn dish soap works as a bath soap just to name a few.

  9. I am Zivas mom. This is a reply to the last comment. She did have 6 week old pups but they were not nursing as she had dried up. Their vet checked them after momma passed and they all got a clean bill. Ziva WAS and ALWAYS will be my Fur baby. I did follow the directions to a T when I applied the product to her.

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