Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick Collar

So here I am on your website and don’t I feel like a fool. I adopted two cats through work Friday cause clients got evicted and local SPCA has lots. They’d been itching and biting their feet little bit. After I had spent lots on basics at pet store I was in Safeway and thought this could be useful especially I don’t even have a good history on the cats. I put it on the smaller one and made sure to follow instructions. Instantly it freaked out, jumped around and drool was coming from its mouth. I didn’t get to snip the collar so must have got in its mouth. Did the best I could to wash its mouth rinse it – I also immediately took collar of as soon as I could once I saw it foaming from mouth. Its a Sunday and I talked to local emergency but cat is fine now so I was pretty lucky.

I won’t ever use any of this company’s product again and I’m certainly boycotting it. I can’t imagine what people have gone through losing a pet to this horrible company. Thank you for setting this up and God bless….

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  1. Very sorry what happened to your pet and all the others, the same might have
    Happened to me, I think there is a class action suit, and really need the name
    Or a way to contact the law firm who is lidigating the suit, harts was selling
    People cheap deadly, harmful pesticides to pet owners.
    Please if anyone has information please let me know, thank you

  2. hartz flea and tick products killed my 2 dogs one had a heart attact and the other one it attacted his nerveious centeral system he couldn’t walk we had to put him to sleep

  3. I bought a flea/tick collar for my rescue Spanish Greyhound.I thought I was doing the right thing, within days she started to have ‘epileptic type’ symptoms. She collapsed in the road and several times in the house. Finally passing out at our local cafe which upset the locals there. I still did not put it down to the collar, but when she went into kennels for a short stay they observed her going into another fit and immediately cut off the collar. She has not had a fit since then but it has left her will mild incontinence.

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