Hartz flea&tick Products will kill your pets

I bought a Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick Collar for my cat within 3 weeks he lost 30% of his body mass his vertebrates on this back stuck out from his body like the cheshire cat. in other words he was looking skeletal! within 8 weeks he was dead!

urge Everyone who read this, to join the class action lawsuit,to stop this company from killing pets!

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  1. I just lost both of my cats within a week of each other. I used the Hartz Ultra Guard One spot. They both had all the symtoms as everyone has described here. I just contacted Hartz and they offered me a refund of the price for the drops. Wow, how nice of them since they killed my babies. Can someone please tell me about the class action lawsuit that is against Hartz. They need to pay for killing our pets and not giving a damn.

    1. Same exact thing happened to my 8 year old cat Page, 2 weeks ago. Now me and my three children are morning our cat. I would like some justice done to that horrible company. [email protected] Yahoo . Com is my email. Please get back to me so we can do something about this. Ty

  2. If you saw your cat lose 30% of its body weight after 3 weeks and believe the collar was doing it, why in God’s name leave it on another 5 weeks to kill your cat?

  3. Our beloved 6 year old cat Yang was poisoned by the active ingredient in Hartz flea products, He died yesterday. You need better labeling on your Flea products about combining them. Our hearts are broken. Yang’s death could have been prevented with better labeling about combining your products like flea shampoo,powder & rug cleaner.

  4. DO NOT USE SERGEANTS SILVER OR GOLD FLEA DROPS FOR CATS OR DOGS! That is, not unless you want to leave it to chance whether your furbaby will survive or not…I put Sergeants Silver on all of my cats and NONE of them showed any signs of trouble, except my sweet and quite petite (tho she does weigh at least the recommended weight of 5 lbs.) precious kitty girl Chili. I put the top spot drops on her and approximately 3 hours later, she began violently vomiting. I realized it was the flea treatment, as I am a vet tech and was very aware of the trouble people had with the Sergeants Silver and Gold. Like I said, I had no problems with any of my other cats and had used it once before on all of them, except Chili. She was nursing at the time, and I definitely knew I wasn’t putting it on her then. Anyway, not having any reason from experience to not use it on her now that the nursing was done, I did put it on her today and not only did she begin the projectile vomiting, but even after I washed it off of her with Dawn, she began having violent tremors and horrible muscle spasms. Since then, I have administered Robaxin which the vet I work for gave me to calm her tremors and help her rest. I also noticed that her symptoms, before dosing of Robaxin, also included being “off balance” easily frightened and she is not that way normally. As well, she was unable to get comfortable no matter what I did for her. Her heart was racing and her breathing was very fast and irregular. Now, after the dosing, she is able to stop trembling as violently, and she has been eating and drinking and not vomiting anymore. However, she IS still shaking. Her heart rate and breathing are slowly returning to normal. I have her isolated and quiet, have provided her with a heating blanket, and fresh food and water. I think she may pull through, and so does the vet at this point. I am very lucky if she does and I need prayers for her please. Obviously, this is very disturbing to me and I know that many folks have lost pets from this product. Not to mention a very traumatic experience for my sweet Chili.. I will no longer continue to use this product and think that it should be recalled and or banned! If folks would be willing to sign, I would love to start a new petition on change.org to call for Hartz to pull this product and any others that may possibly have the same effects on animals. Seemingly, there is no possible way to tell what cat or dog will have an adverse reaction to this, so WHY is it still available???

  5. I washed my 2 dogs with hartz flea soap on several occassions. I did this in a large bath tub and allowed my legs to dangle in the bath flea soap water during the washings. Over the following period I developed severe otherwise unexplainable neurological problems in both legs, diagnosed as neuropathy of unknown cause, with continuous pain and skin ulceration which has continued to the present time. The dogs both died together, at approximately the same time for no explained reason shortly after the series of flea soap baths.

  6. My baby Daniel Tiger just passed tonight from the flea collar i only had it on him a week and he started showing signs so I took it off of him but I guess it was too late, because only days later after taking it off he died, how do I go about a lawsuit

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