This message with photos came to via email from Linda:

“Hello, I wanted to tell my story so that it can help other pet owners not to put something on their dog that can hurt or kill them. I always buy products at my vet, but being in a hurry at the store and seeing Hartz Flea & Tick Drops at the store I purchased them. I actually thought the would not be as good or as strong as the one’s you purchase at the vets. I came home and put this on my 13 year old yorkie/ poo, Dorathy. At first I did not know what was going on , but later I figured it out, but it was too late. I feel terrible that I have put this on my dog and it has burned her like it did. I had no idea it could do this. Like I said she is 13, blind and cannot hear good. I am praying that she makes it through this, but I am worried sick. I have sent you pictures of her burns so that it might help someone else.”

dorathy 005

dorathy 001

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