Did Hartz cause my dogs seizure?

My dogs name is Goliath, he is a 13 year old Boston terrier. About a month ago I purshased Hartz ultra guard topical. It was for 5-14lbs. My dog weighs 19lbs. So he is over that. I basically gave him less. Well he has been fine all month. Happy, eating, playing. Last night at 4am, out of nowhere he jumps up as if he was frightened, I went to grab him and he has slobber all over him. He got off the bed and seized up. His legs were falling from under him and he dropped and rolled on his side. He was jerking and foaming from the mouth. His heart was racing. After a minute he stopped. He was clueless, couldn’t walk, had to catch his breath, couldn’t even see! He was whimpering until he fell asleep. This morning he got up, went out to potty, and ate all of his food. He is hyper but tired. Could Hartz have caused this? He has went his entire 13 years without a seizure.

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  1. Yes Hartz caused this. Keep reading these stories. Hope your baby is ok. Keep a watch on them please. My Pepper Girl, Had the Ultra Guard, and it came out of no were , she passed away. Please keep and eye on your kid. Prayers to you all.

  2. If you applied the Hartz a month before the seizure, it’s unlikely that it caused the seizure. If there is going to be a reaction, it generally happens within 24-48 hours of applying the product. A dog can develop seizures later in life for other reasons. Take him to your vet for a check-up!

  3. I had two Boston Terrier’s and one of them was prone to seizures. I’m aware Boston Terriers tend to get them more than other dogs. The youngest got them a few times a year, and the oldest only got one a couple times in her life. It varies. I don’t necessarily think Hartz is the cause of this, but it is best to bring him to the vet. It may very well be nothing and just an episode as I know that can happen among Boston Terriers.

  4. My 2 year old german shepherd roxy started having many seizures a couple weeks after using Hartz flea shampoo treatment. Her Seizures continued to happen about once a week for 4 months. We didn’t give her any treatment for the seizures hoping they would stop. It was been a whole year now without one seizure. I am convinced they were caused by Hartz flea treatment.

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