July 27th 2014 my dog Pepper died

My husband purchased Hartz Ultra Guard for 61-150lbs. Was trying to do like most of would do , to get rid of flees. I so wish I had looked on here before this happen. Pepper was 11 years old , would be 12 in December. She was a very outgoing dog, love to fish, swim, walk , run, etc. Her health was good. That day Friday the July 25, 2014, change our entire life. The next day came, she was puking , and not steady on her feet very well. I tried the hot line on the box, no answer on the weekend, try back during business hours. Tried my local vet, they were closed, it was Saturday. Did try there emergency numbers , no answers for help. I decided I needed to think quick. Put her in the bath tub , to get this crap off of her. Thought we were ok, not. Later that night, She was up looking to go outside like she does, but the back legs of my girl went out. My husband had to go get her and bring her in. She finally looked like she could rest at 3:00 in the morning on the 27th of July. Then she starting panting, heavy breathing, and she was done. So sad. Please pass this on, maybe can save someone from this product. It happens so quick, I My miss my Pepper so much. She did not have to die like this. Prayers to all that have had this experience.

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  1. So sorry for your loss of Pepper but THANK YOU for saving other dogs. Pepper has not died in vain. I will not put this product on my 8 lb Chihuahua, Coco, because of your post here. You may have saved her life!! Thank you again and I hope Pepper meets my Sunshine who passed a few years ago and they get to romp together!

  2. I am so sorry!! Hartz (and OTHER over the counter inexpensive flea preps!!) products have been doing this to animals of all sizes for more then 20 years! You would THINK Hartz would have put a stop to this when they first heard about it but NO– their products keep on maiming and killing animals. HOW CAN WE MAKE THEM STOP???? My heart goes out to you.

  3. I just lost sugar bear last week to SENTRY tick and flea products.
    I took my baby to a lab for testing, I want to know what killed her. She was only 4 no problems. I applied tick and flea meds and then a few days later she dies. The lab called and stated that where I applied the product was open wounds all the way down her back. Almost like an acid was poured on her. ugh…

    I called the company– they want the reports. As soon as I get the lab reports they will be sent directly to the company. I left a complaint with the BBB and I am in the process of seeing how to leave a complaint with the EPA.

  4. Thank you Diana , Ace and everyone. For your thoughts on this. It is so sad to see so many out there having this trouble. So happy Diana it was not used on your kid Coco. I bet Pepper and Sunshine would be good friends. It has been over a week now. Went to the lakes this week, so hard so use to her being there ready to fish, run, and swim. All I can say is keep spreading the word. Prayers and hugs to the people and kids (pets) who might be going through this, or just read some of these listing before purchasing anything, before reading first.

  5. We used a “Dog and cat safe” flea spray on my sisters cat years ago, it nearly killed her, she was in the vet hospital for 3 days, The vet told us “I would never use a Hartz product on any pet of mine” That was good enough for me, and I tell every pet owner I know to never use Hartz, I’m so sorry for your loss, we were lucky that our situation happened on a day when our vet was in, and she was able to be treated quickly.

  6. I personally used the hartz flea drops on my cat that passed away two years ago from brain cancer. I never had any trouble out of this product and I recommend it to all my cat

  7. Hello Crazy cat lady… so sorry to hear of your cat passing away. Some of us did not get that lucky. Have you read all the recalls on this stuff. I used the Ultra Guard on my girl Pepper. Still no girl back. So pray that the ones that have a bad product make it. And Hugs to all that have lost a pet for this bad Hartz product.

  8. I lost my precious Minky Mouzy to Hartz flea products and earlier a neighbor, caring for my Spooky Shadow, while I was away on a military field problem; recently admitted his accidental death was Hartz and Sargents products, caused. These non- vet rx products should be banned! These uncaring for pets and their people corporations are so evil and care only for profit! The scant FDA regs. that “protect” humans do not extend to our domestic companions; God help us!Please help ban their use.It would seem the free enterprise and capitalist systems are better protected than lives! End this poison’s legal right to kill!

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