Angry and worried fur mommy

I bought Hartz flea medication today for my cats.. With
in five minutes of putting it on them they started to walk funny and foam at the mouth and started to throw themselves on the floor.. I gave them a bath to try and get it off of them. the smell was so bad it made my eyes water i felt so bad for them.. How can a company make something so harmful to pets and they say they care about them.. Hartz is a joke tried to call the emergency hot line and of course they think emergency are only going to happen on there buisness hours…I am so angry and worried….

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  1. I bought a Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick Collar for my cat within 3 weeks he lost 30% of his body mass his vertebrates on this back stuck out from his body like the cheshire cat. in other words he was looking skeletal! within 8 weeks he was dead!!

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