I put on the hartz ultraguard plus collar for dogs on my dog. I didn’t touch the collar for more than 2 minutes, and washed my hands immediately afterwards, but my skin has been feeling so weird…it doesn’t hurt or anything…it’s just sort of irritated. I don’t feel normal but don’t know if I should be going to the emergency room. I’ve washed my hands numerous times, and I still feel sort of funny. I obviously took the collar off my dog immediately because that scared me, and then I started reading these reviews…my dog doesn’t seem affected but I’m not going to sit around and let her. She seems okay but I’m still kind of worried. What do I do?

3 thoughts on “Worried”

  1. I’d just watch her she will show symptoms and would not just drop dead. If she seems like she always is after a few days I wouldn’t worry.

  2. Just in case, I would go to the hospital and tell them about the Hartz and that you didn’t know it was toxic until you read about it online. I hope you are okay!

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