Vet visit after putting on Hartz cat flea drops

Hi all, to make a long story short, my 3-year old Cat Rufus had a horrible reaction to the drops. It was like he was having spasms, hallucinating and severe twitching.  I googled the product and was shocked at what I saw.  Vet told me to come in right away and they bathed him and hooked him up to an IV to try and flush it out.  He was there the entire day.  He is still not himself, barely eating and constantly hiding. I hope he recovers soon.  Uninformed as I was, I bought the product at Walmart, the vet told me that the Hartz drops is basically a pesticide.  Hartz products and Sargent Green products should be banned they said.  They also told me that the Hartz products that are sold at pet stores seem to be less toxic than the one sold at cheaper big box stores.  I can’t begin to explain how angry I am.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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  1. On July the 27th at 11 pm i gave my baby taco a bathe in flea and tick shampoo for cats. I regretted it because three hours later my poor taco was on the floor flopping,foaming out the mouth,screaming in pain, running fever muscle spasms, and shaking with tremors constantly. He started having seizures too, i was so scared and didn’t know what to do cause i wasn’t sure what was wrong. Well i called the vet and they hadn’t opened yet so i called emergency number and they told me they see cats and dogs everyday like this after using that shampoo. They told me that my cat may not make it. I was so upset cause hes my baby im with him everyday and was so lost without him that night. I finally got a call from vet telling me thst hes doing good and they will let him come home the next day after they run iv threw him. My cat was one of the survivors iam very sorry that alot of people lost there pets from this horrible shampoo.I have my cat but alot of vet bills. I called the shampoo place and they said that hartzs flea and tick shamoo company will pay the bills. Iam very thankul for that but i still dont approve of them having this shampoo on the market,especially since it makes cats and dogs suffer and actually kill them that horrible. So please lets be like me spread the word about hartz shampoo for cats.

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