My beloved Fred

Fred was my companion for the past 9 years. He was a big cat with a bigger heart. He knew no stranger. We began having a flea problem in our basement which worked its way upstairs, so I gave my cats what seemed like the best flea control for the money. I only wish I had known a few weeks ago what I know now. Fred passed away this morning of an anemic reaction as I did all I could to wash the horrid flea infestation from him, the exact thing I thought I was preventing with the Hartz product I purchased. Not only did it not work, it deteriorated his health from a vivacious large cat to the point of dying from a flea infestation. I pray people realize the dangers of Hartz products before they learn through the loss of a beloved pet, as I did. I will miss you, Fred, but I swear to you I will do all I can so that your death will not be in vain.

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  1. my cat Joy is alive but has not been herself since buying the poison flea medicine (HARTZ) I purchased the collar and drops for the neck area, I knew the same day I put it on her that something wasn’t right…took her to vet and they told me the medicine most likey had done the damage. I feel so bad knowing that I did this to her. She is my best friend and Hartz should be held resposible. My gosh why is nothing done about this matter??

  2. I’m astounded by what I’m reading here! I’d been warned of the dangers years ago, but surely, I assumed the issue would’ve been addressed by now! Hartz should be ashamed! And should recompense everyone with an afflicted fur baby in a BIG WAY. Though it will never bring beloved companions back, out could bring more closure (i.e. allowing for cremation, memorials, paying vet bills, researching& developing less harmful remedies ). How have they gotten away with this for SO LONG? Thank you for sharing your stories with me. I needed them, being a pet mommy on a tight budget!

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