i lost my baby kitty sat

I read the box did exactly what it said and when I got up sat morning my cat was in the bathroom tub laying in vomit,blood etc. absolutely broke my heart to see her like that . this company really needs to be put out of business they are money hungry animal killers

4 thoughts on “i lost my baby kitty sat”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, I agree, the legalized commercial murderers need to be stopped from poisoning our pets. Every time I see one of those cute commercials, when I know the truth, just makes me sick.

  2. EVERYONE I MEAN EVERYONE needs to get involved with getting this company out of business. Seargants is its sister company.
    Class action suit needs to be file. AGAIN…They will never say yes it was their product.EVER

  3. I have an empty small tube of Sergeants flea control with Permethrin.it at once electrocuted with violent shaking my beautiful cat. How dare such a product be sold?. Now how many others will go thru this devastation tragedy.$$ to kill your pet.”nature garden”?It is Lethal, extremly dangerous, reported to Consumers affairs.Gorgues pet & a,painful death. Im furious.

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