¬†It’s flea season again. That means thousands of¬† people¬† who¬† don’t know¬† how dangerous Hartz and¬† other¬† over the¬† counter¬† flea¬† products will start buying them¬† to get¬† rid of flea’s. That means the¬† possibility of animals being injured and killed by these products. Education is a way to help insure this¬† doesn’t happen.

How do we education  people on the  dangers of Hartz and the  other  over   counter  cheaper brands of  flea and tick killers. We tell everyone we know  to make sure they  know .  Makes  sure to ask  them to tell all their  family and  friends too.

If you see¬† someone in a store looking at¬† flea¬† products say , ” Hello,¬†¬† have you heard about all the animal that are¬† killed or injured by Hartz¬†¬† and¬† other over the¬† conter¬† flea snd¬† tick killers every yesr”? Good ice breaker. Then¬† you can¬† just tell them and tell them¬† to check out HartzVictims.org if they¬†don’t believe¬† you. Tell them you just don’t want to see these products¬† kill any more animals . Thank¬† them¬† for their¬† time and¬† thats it.¬† Pretty simple¬† and¬† you may very¬† well just have saved an animals¬† life. Not bad¬† for 3-4 minutes of your busy time.

¬†If you want to be more pro active. You can¬† make up a¬† flyer¬†¬† to hand¬† to people in¬† stores or¬† even¬† leave on on the¬† flea products display. It is not¬† against the law to do that. Don’t toch the¬† packages because that is. The worst that can happen and I have just heard of¬† a few people¬† who have been asked to leave the store. You could always¬† leave a¬† flyer¬† for the store manager and ask them¬† to remove the¬† products too. Or¬† take a stack¬† to work and put them in the break room. Lots of ways¬† to warn¬† people.

After¬† fighting Hartz since `1999, I can¬† say it is highly unlikely that these¬† products will be removed¬† from sale. Far to much greed in the¬† world to let animal¬† lives stand in the¬†¬†way of the all might buck. It’s not¬† right it’s just the way it is. The only thing¬† you can do is report¬† problems of¬† course¬† but on a one¬† to one¬† level¬† spreading the truth,¬† tell everyone.

If you want a¬† flyer but to busy¬† to make one or not sure what to put on it. Email me at [email protected]



¬†I just read a bunch of your posts. Many of them are asking HartzVictims to get this stuff off the market. There have many been attempts to do this . I even¬† did a petition that had¬† well over 10,000 signatures on it. Some actions myself and others have taken¬† such¬† as this web¬†site ,mys site¬† , others and blogs have resulted in the EPA taking some actions. We actually¬† got them to emove¬† a version of Hartz¬† flea drops¬† for cats, however Hartz¬† just came up with a new products¬† which is¬†¬† just as bad as the last. The Epa approved the¬† product for sale and here we are still trying.¬† Don’t ask us to do all the work. If your animal has suffered or¬† died from these¬† products¬† you should be really angry. You¬† should¬† take a look at the¬†Need Help¬†¬†page. Contact the resources listed, file the¬† reports¬† suggested and tell people about what happened warm them.. A few years ago the¬† first civil case against Hartz was won. So now you can¬† sue them and have a chance of winning danages. Prior to that case being¬† won, every attempt¬† to take Hartz¬† to court resluted in the case being¬† dropped due¬† to Hartz¬† counter suing.


  1. I too have had doxie that got sick from these nasty, poisonous products. He had to be put down. Since then I have been looking for a way to stop the sales of this stuff. I did find one. 100% non-toxic1 Pet Protector Disc provides 4 years protection, Costs 20 times less than other anti-parasite products, Practical! Put it on your pet’s collar and you’re done! I have this on my 2 dachshunds and it WORKS. Please help me spread the word. People do have a choice. Now, I am a Senior Representative that works with them. It is so safe that you can put it on new born pups, kittens, and it is not limited to just cats and dogs. It can be warn by any and all animals.
    You can also email me to find out how to get this product. [email protected]
    Just to let you know I am a real person and I did write this response.
    Paw hugs and licks to you.
    I pray you all see this.

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