they messed with theeee wrong person!

I am beyond livid! I put on the flea drops on my poor little Capone and right away his ear became raw and irritated. I’m a college student and only have a part time job and I don’t have the money to take him to the vet. They lowered my cost to about what I could afford. He is now missing a good size patch of hair on his ear and it’s bleeding and pussing bad. The antibiotics haven’t kicked in yet, but I hope he feels better. I can’t take the screaming. Every time he wants to itch it, he starts screaming. I have never heard such a horrible sound in my life. Hartz it’s going to pay for his proper treatments. I will do what I have to do to make that happen. This is not okay. I will go to the news station and take further steps if I have to. I’ll do anything just to save another animal from their products. My poor baby. He’s been a part of the family for two years now and I’ve been crying since this happened! I will fix this and someone will be paying for this.

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  1. You should give him plenty of water to flush out the toxins from his body.
    The same thing happened to my dog. My dog’s skin became seriously inflamed, developed sores, pus, and bled profusely on his back, neck, and chest. He was in extreme pain! His skin convulsed as his condition worsened. His skin became incredibly sensitive to touch. The slightest gust of air bothered him to the point where he jumped up. He kept pacing back and forth not knowing what to do. He could not even lie down since it caused him too much pain. He was unable to sleep for the entire night until the following morning.

  2. I had to rush my cat to emergency vet care after hours last night. My husband put some Hartz Ultra Guard one spot drops on him when I left for work in the morning. When I got home from work Diesel did not meet me at the door like he usually does. I had to search for him. I found him shaking horribly behind the couch…I picked him up and noticed he was seizing. I started gently scrubbing the area the drops were applied to dilute it in hopes it may help him last until I could get him to the vet. Once I got him there, the vet told us of what can happen…I trust this vet with all of my animals. I am very thankful that he was able to stop the convulsions and seizing over night. He will have to stay there tonight as well just to be sure he is ok. I am very lucky. I know lots of people were not so lucky. I just emailed Hartz with my story. I made sure they knew I was not pleased and that I want them to take their products off the shelves and replace their products with a more natural alternative. No Pyrethrum. (spelling) I am beyond livid. His stay will also cost a load of money. I would hate to see someone on assistance or elderly with not much cash flow trying to save $ and killing their only companion in some cases. I do not think it is fair and I could not live with the thought of not warning everyone on the effects these products can have on your pet. We need to fix this!

  3. I’d rather everyone just simply NEVER BOUGHT HARTZ products again. That’ll hurt em. Even if they did change their ingredients, I wouldn’t touch anything by them again with a 10-foot pole, because their trust has been lost. Find alternative therapies.

  4. Please give me the name of the attorney being used for the Hartz victims. Myself and my pet are the victims of another brand. Rosey (my baby) died of a toxic flea collar.

  5. JUST learning about this in 2017/8. my community cats had HARTZ products. I actuallt worked aboard his son’s Yacht (the new CEO and now retired M/Y ALLISON named after his wife) in the early 90s in the BVI Islands. I have not owned pets frm 1991-2017 and now I inherited 10 abandoned and paid a Trapper to TNR them all, plus a couple have been on meds for limping legs, dewormer and HARTZ products for typical de Flea. I have googled the synthetic drug used and it is old fashioned and sometimes, older drugs are better and depending….Not sure if Humans give Dog products to their cats? or over dosing on an underweight cat below 5lbs? or their Cat’s system just is “allergic”. 1 orange tabby seemed to be loosing it’s hair or itchy/bothered but did ok…. it was hard to see as they are skittish and do not come near so even with binoculars, it seemed that it burned him….frizzled his nerve endings…. This was ULTRA Guard/FLEA eggs, larvae line…. this cat seems to have fleas- itching more so than other 9 felines….

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