Hartz Ultra Guard Pro

I applied the Flea & Tick drops on my Jackrussell early this morning. A few hours later I noticed she was trembling and began to vomit and hadĀ diarrhea. This happened several times today. Since I have not changed her routine I decided to research this product, which now I see I should of done before purchasing it.

I bathed her with regular soap and water since the dog shampoo is from Hartz. I am getting rid of all the Hart Products!!

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your dog. I had the same problem with my dog. I bought Hartz because it was on sale and instead of buying Frontline Plus because I was short on money. My dog was sick and lethargic for several days and we also washed it off of him. I think the only thing that saved my dog from dying was the fact that I bought a lesser weight dosage in error but a good error. Yes do not use any Hartz products on your animals as they may get deathly ill or die !! Bad stuff and I wish we could get it off the shelves. If I am in a store that carries it I walk over to it and tell people about it if they are in the pet section. I am glad your jack Russell is feeling better now and throw away all the toxic Hartz products away !!!! Have a blessed day. Teresa

  2. Is she ok now? Did you take her to the vet to see if her kidneys or liver were compromised? Hartz flea preps are terrible – and have been hurting/killing pets for way over 20 years.

  3. I had noticed a few fleas on my beagle, and decided to bathe and treat all 3 of mine pets. I applied the drops to my beagle and then I treated the cats, Cookie and Charlie with the cat drops even double checking to make sure it was safe for cats. With in a few hours they started having seizures and by the next morning Charlie died, we rushed Cookie to the vet but there was no hope he died with in and hour of getting to the vet. I feel so bad. I feel like I Murder them. This stuff needs to be pulled from the shelf.

  4. We put the collar on our teacup yorkie and noticed the same symptoms in the first 14 hrs we quickly pulled it off and now we are on day 2 where she is not acting herself. We are worried about her and know that it could be days before we see any improvement. Do we know if the collars are the same as the drops??

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