Never heard of problems until now

My wife and I have fostered many litters of kittens of varying ages for our local SPCA shelter.  We have ALWAYS given them kitten replacement milk and have never had any issues….until this litter.

We have four 4-week old kittens that we have been giving this milk to.  The kittens have had varying degrees of reaction to the milk.  Each of them have had at least 2 episodes.  These episodes consist of a slow onset lethargy, then vomiting, then a catatonic state for several hours.  During this state they are limp, their temperatures have dropped, and they do not blink and look past you with glassy eyes.

We have spent over $100 this past week at the vet’s office trying to get a diagnosis for this problem.

I am so lucky to have found this website.  We had NO IDEA that this could have been the milk causing this issue until tonight.  We even had no symptoms these last 2 days while giving the kittens this milk.  This last episode that one of our male kittens had will absolutely be the LAST time that they will suffer at the hands of Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk.

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  1. I was wondering how your babies are doing? My name is Ashley and my mother and I have rescued kittens for the passed 4 years. It’s a lot of work but it has been so rewarding. All the cats we have rescued have great homes and are super healthy. A week ago we found a litter that was abandoned. 5 babies. This is the first time we have used Hartz kitten replacement formula. We have lost 4 of our little ones. This morning we had to have 1 put down and the Vet thought it was pneumonia. We have one little guy left and tonight he refused to eat and was so gassy. I pulled up reviews and yours caught my eye. It’s exactly what you have described. My heart is broken and we are fighting hard for this little guy. You and your wife are wonderful people for doing what you do!

  2. Our kittens are doing excellent now. Since we stopped giving them Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk we have had no sickness, lethargy, or vomiting. They are vibrant and rambunctious; just like kittens should be. They are growing stronger every day.
    Thank you for asking and please spread the word that Hartz Kitten Replacement milk is not the best option for kittens.

  3. This is some horrible crap. I gave it to my adopted orphan kitten too, same effect. She looks like she’s taken a huge dose of valium (which my adult cat takes). She love the taste, but luckily didn’t eat alot. I thought she got “second hand exposure” to that. I’m going back to feeding baby formula for her, as that was better for her.

    After force feeding her baby forumla and water, her eyes are not so glassy and she is moving a bit, but still lethargy. God, what a horrible company, you know they damn well know this is going on. I knew the harm their flea collars did, and thought to myself “surely they can’t screw up milk, I mean it’s freakin milk.” I was wrong. Seriously, human BEER is better for your kitten than this poison.

  4. After 3 episodes just like the one you described I decided to search the internet on Kitten Formula recall and non responsive.
    Found this site and others.
    Our kitten just woke up from his 3rd coma. He is still a bit wobbly and I hope he recovers.
    I ran to the store and bought the milk replacer my vet recommends.
    I can’t believe that is what was killing him.

  5. I went a little ballistic on Hartz in an email since after their “concern” we have heard NOTHING from anyone at Hartz.
    Here is the body of my email:

    I talked to your ‘representative’ at the phone number you provided. I was brushed off very snootily and I have heard NOTHING since then.
    You have no responsibility as a business. I think you look at it as “they are only animals”. You have no accountability. No one is going to sue you (which they should) because you have deep deep pockets and lawyers on staff to crush little people who have grievance with you.
    You continue to produce this DANGEROUS and DEADLY product with no remorse and no change in your business plan.
    You have done nothing to help with this situation. You have sent a form letter and “Put our information on file” with a canned apology. You didn’t even offer to refund the purchase price.
    Is this how people should be treated? Is this how you treat your pets? Does anyone in your company make the mistake of giving their pets Hartz Products? Do you believe in animal cruelty? You should because you are perpetuating it with your products.
    I sincerely hope no one at Hartz is stupid enough to give their pets your products. What are you going to tell your secretary or your kid when they give Hartz Kitten Milk to their cat and it kills them? I assume it’s another canned apology and a form letter.

    My deepest regrets in choosing your products,
    -My name here

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