Allergic Reaction Caused Hallucinations

We have 3 cats. Smee is a 13 year old black and white, Gabbie is a 5 month old black and white, and Dean is a 6 month old Maine Coon/ Tabby mix. Gabbie is our most recent member of the family, she was a stray who had followed me home one day and decided i was her new “human” so we gladly took her when she was only 4 months old at the time and she was healthy, so we put her in with out other kitties only to find out she had fleas. now all three of our cats have fleas and its getting so bad that they jump onto us. so for the past few months we’ve been using Frontline flea and  tick drops for cats. but this month we didn’t have the money to get our normal Frontline doses, so we were recommended to use Hartz flea and tick drops being told it was cheaper and worked the same. We knew better, but we tried it anyway. Shame on us. Within the first 12 hours, Smee’s eyes started swelling. Gabbie didnt seem to be affected by it, but Dean was the one who has the allergic reaction. Not only did his eyes and face get puffy, but he had other side effects too. He would see something that wasn’t there and freak out, he was also suffering from a fever and he was very skiddish and jumpy. he freaked out over nothing and he would stand in a corner or in a bottom shelf and start panicking and scratching like the walls were closing in on him. At first we thought he was high from the catnip tennis balls we have that he just loves so much, but catnip wouldn’t do this, so I looked up customer reviews about Hartz products and was HORRIFIED. I instantly went into a panic state, filled a sink full of water and grabbed each cat one by one  and washed the chemicals off with Dawn dish soap. after we had cleaned the cats (and their collars) Smee and Gabbie were perfectly fine. Dean on the other hand, started being very down and drowsy. his eyes were still puffy and glossed over, he was having trouble breathing, his eyes started oozing goo (im cleaning his eyes out every 2 hours or so)  and he was shivering for no reason. I picked him up and cuddled him in a blanket and bought syringes from the store and have been  giving him doses of water under the skin to try and flush it out of his system. The first dose, i realized he was also suffering from a chemical burn. Its been a day now, he seems to be perking up a little bit, but he is still quite drowsy and his eyes are still swollen and glossy and his face is still puffy. I keep giving him water solutions but if he doesn’t get better by Monday I am going to take him to the vet. I am pissed. I’ve been reading stories about Hartz reactions and i should probably stop because it is making me more and more angry. I am VERY thankful it was caught before any “life threatening” results occurred, and i am VERY happy that people plan on suing Hartz. I hope you win. PLEASE, get this crap OFF the Market.

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