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After seeing the new tv spot for Pet Armour Pro I went off to WAlly World to buy some. I noticed the Hartz product was exactly the same ingredients and a few bucks less so I purchased. (I have used Frontline for years but it seemed to not work anymore.) Got home and decided to research the ingredients before opening and applying. SO glad I did. I hit this site and was sickened by what I read and so sorry for the suffering of the animals and the people that are owned by them. After reading a few stories I had a flashback to my first cat, Bootsie. I grew up in an area with no fleas so didn’t know the first thing. I got this cat and shortly noticed she was covered with bugs. I realized these were fleas and went to the store to get something to kill them. I bought Hartz flea spray for cats, (this was pre Frontline type products) sprayed her according to the label and started getting ready for work. Got out of the shower and couldn’t find Bootsie. Hunted and found her in the closet foaming at the mouth and twitching, stumbling, shaking her head. Freaked out, I jumped in the tub and bathed her to remove the spray as best I could. I had to go to work but was afraid to go home after. She got better and made it thru the ordeal. I will be returning the Hartz tomorrow and never purchase again.

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