My first cat ever

From Darryl via email:

I was walking home one night after a hard day, i had just stopped drinking and needed to redirect my attention and focus i was on my 2nd week of no alcohol and just needed a friend, out of nowhere a small kitten walks from out of the dark i tried to shu it away but that little kitten had another agenda in mind as it kept coming i ran toward it,without a flicker it went around my feet and meowed and sat down..A guy said from his yard u might as well pick it up and give it a home because from the looks of things it wants to go with you..I picked it up and put it next to my chest it purred and snuggled in ,i named her pippy she couldn’t be more than 3wks i gave her a bath some milk and woke my daughter up and said her name is pippy she ¬†cuddled up and went to sleep,the next day i went to walmart to give her the royal treatment she got it all,after another bath i went on line to see witch side does the flee collar belong on i saw that it stated safe for even kittens i knew hartz was the best from growing up, so i thought!! ¬†I placed the collar on and all has been well, that little kitten keeps us laughing and my 2yr old and my 14mo old sons love her, we notice she’s very frisky at night loves to play and runs up and down until about a month now since she’s been apart of our family, i first notice a change in her appetite, than i noticed a mood swing so i picked her up and i looked at her my daughter said daddy pippy’s been acting funny i notice her poop was a little runny as i changed the litter on two separate occasions,so on this day i examined her closely and notice something under her collar i removed the collar and was shocked and i’m pissed to the older son said go on line and see if that collar is good i said i checked it online it said it was safe but when i put in hartz flee collar burned my cats neck the page came up one more victim is one to many..I’ve never owned a cat a few dogs but no cats for this old boy,but she loves me and that’s my friendship to her to take care of her in exchanged for her warmth,my beautiful lil kitten is hurt and i want part of the class action against hartz for animal cruelty..some one please in Jesus name help us take hartz down!!! My name is Darryl contact me at 754-422-3924.


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  1. I hope your Pippy is doing better.

    My advice as the a lot of advice here find a good vet and follow what they say.

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