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Hi all, many of you heard my story of my little Chiweenie dog that had a seizure and passed away after a bath with Hartz Flea& Tick Shampoo. Im currently trying to get a Class Action Lawsuit going. I have infact contacted atleast 5 lawyers about this and just waiting to hear back from them. I have also contacted the EPA. I want this product removed. If you are interested on joining me please let me know. I also want you to know that my husband recorded  everything that happened so i have proof.



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  1. Hi David, I’m so sorry for your loss, I too lost a baby from this junk, there is already a class action law suit out there, I don’t know if they can do more than one, if one of your people contact you, ask them and join in the suit. This company has to be removed from the shelves, all I do is tell people about it and tell them to tell others, if we don’t buy their stuff maybe they will close their doors as well. Good luck

    1. Hi Christina,

      Our pup randomly started having seizures a few months ago, vet thought it was epilepsy, but now im not so sure. All i know is this little guy suffers now and the vet bills are high and he is on meds the rest of his life. He is only 6. My husband and I were so sorry to hear about you loosing a family member due to this product. Hopefully we can get this stuff off the market. We would be happy to join the class action lawsuit if there is one.

  2. Just to let you know and be update. I still have not heard back from any lawyers and if there is a class action lawsuit out there i want to join. I will try again to contact some lawyers and i am reading all your comments and post. If you can help in this process let me know.

      1. Has any legal action started? I recently lost my 10 year old Siamese. They are dening time being from their cat product.
        PLEASE let me know because I want my story of along with the numerous others! We all need to stand together! Thank you!
        Your can contact me via FB

    1. Hi my name is Patricia Jenkinson and I am so sorry for your loss I too have lost my beloved boo she was murdered by sergeant duel action flea collar I want justice for her and I want to get that crap off the shelves we also have 3 more cats at home we had to give them baths and wash the poison off them and I want to join in on the law suit.please contact me when you get this ok ty

    2. Please email me I lost my beloved cat boo she was murdered by sergeant duel action flea collars and I am devastated.I want justice for all who have lost a pet [email protected]’s time too kick some #&?#.

  3. I use a fle amd tick preventive drops on my cat and all of her hair is coming out in the back of her neck. the product is not even good for cats or dogs I seen after looking on the sites.heartz needs to be sued. I bathed my cat and dish soap Dawn dish soap. now waiting to see if her hair comes back on the back of her neck.

  4. If there is a lawsuit, I would like to be contacted. My dog suffered terribly from those flea and tick products. I had no idea that was the reason why he kept getting sick.

  5. My 8 year old Corgi died on Tuesday. I put the collar on her because she was getting ticks on her. I realized something was very wrong with her,,,,lethargy, shakily walking, nit eating or drinking. I made an emergency appointment with our vet but she died before the appointment. Had I known that this product was so lethal I would never ever put this on my best friend in the whole world, this company needs to pay for the many losses of pets due to this horrible product. If there is a class action suit I’m joining in,,,I want this company to remove all their crap from every store. They should not have the ability to capitalize on such a deadly product.

  6. I would like you to keep my info and let me know how things are going. I definitely want to be a part of the class action lawsuit. They are continued to be allowed to sell this stuff with no concern for life! And/or quality of life.

    My babies have suffered so badly.

    Thank you and God bless

  7. Please count us in. My mothers baby chester just died 2 days ago from this bs. He suffered a great deal of pain and she is devastated. This was her baby. Please contact us. [email protected]. I’ve already sent tons of emails out trying to get in with the law suit. We have solid proof this medication “poison” took this cats life and the desperate measures that were taken to save him. The customer service reps only offered to pay the vet bill and a refund of the product cost. Sorry not good enough Sargent get ready cause its well on its way to being a class action law suit. The box says to use it on your cat for fleas then in fine print on the very lower right corner says not safe for domestic animals. We’ll see what an attorney says about it!

  8. Hi all, Its me again Im not ignoring you. I have been reading all your comments. We have plenty of people now to get this thing rolling and i do still want to do a class action law suit. If we all chip in and contact the same lawyer. We can diffinitely get this going.

    1. Looking for an update . . . I e-mailed Natalia and Patricia personally, but your e-mail (probably wisely) isn’t here to send to. We’ve lost three cats to Hartz Ultraguard, in less than twenty-four hours. We have eight additional cherished cats here and we are worrying for them all. I know about washing them, etc. We want in on Hartz paying . . . in every way possible!!!

  9. Hello, I would love to join this class action lawsuit. I lost my cat Smokey due to their product. Which lawyer do I need to contact to get rid of this product?

  10. Hi Aimiee, Thats wonderful is there anyway I could be part of the story. only becasue my chiweenie was a therapy dog for me and my boss who is the president of a Non profit charity named Kids Cures Foundation wants to know what the company did to my beloved Skittles.

    hi Brenda,
    Im going to look into a lawyer but if you know anyone or have any suggestions I am open.


  11. I’m not sure. Were in Georgia where the lawyers say they cannot sue someone for a pet death so my mom took it to the news here in ga. They will be filming Thursday. She also went to the local dollar general and spoke with them and the manager is going to try to get it off of their shelves all over the USA. The vet who took care of her dying cat will be on the news. So even tho no law suit yet there is progress being made here and hope for the 9000 pet stories on here. Were fighting cause this has got to stop. Christina please email me your info and I can see what I can do for you. [email protected]

  12. OMG, My 7 year old dog Harley just died in my arms from shampooing him with Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick shampoo! I just can’t believe it. He was strong and healthy as an ox until he had a bath with this poison two days ago. He began getting weak and lethargic almost immediately after his shampoo. I realized the culprit and was advised to rewash him with dish washing liquid which I did. As I was getting him out of the bath and began drying him he collapsed in my arms and died in my arms. After 15 minutes of applying CPR his eyes were still fixed and he was gone. He was a big strong security and service dog that I had invested years in training. This product killed him in a matter of two days. I’m furious and heartbroken as he lays dead in my bathroom floor!!! I am in East Texas and if there is any way that I can be included in a class action suit against Hartz I would greatly appreciated it! I sit here and write this letter, still wet from the bath I gave him to remove the poison off my precious dog before it hurt him worse!! It is criminal to sell a product like this to unsuspecting pet owners. My Harley dog was by my side 24 hours a day since I brought him home 7 years ago! This is devastating and unbelievable. He trusted me with his life as I did him. He always protected his family and I feel I have let him down by using a product that I thought to be safe!

  13. i just filled out a consultation form for the office of kevin gerry. He resides out in california. If u guys.want to also contact.him that would be awesome

  14. Here is an update. I have contacted Fox News LA and they refuse to do the story because i didnt take my dog to the vet. I email Joel Grocer from NBCLA. And I have emailed PETA. If anyone who has had a vet seen their dog during their loss if you live in California or if you can contact Fox News about your story it might help. As fox news refuses to do the story without some facts.

    1. Hello Christina my name is Collins, my girlfriend and I used the drops on our cat and she started seizing and became extremely lethargic. She made it but the vet gave us a bill and has told us horror stories. I’m stationed in Virginia i would like to get on this. If you could email me that would be great!

      1. I just brought my cats Jasmine and Raven home yesturday from the vets office after a terrifying experience and adverse reactions to the flea drops. Thank goodness I got them medical care right away!! I would like to join the class action lawsuit against theese companies for selling this crap!! I am having trouble finding any information on the actual lawsuit; as it was filed in a different state, a few years ago? Maybe they settled already? Email me please if it is still open!!!!! I have the vets bills, with a statement from him, if needed and videos of my babies suffering right before taking them to hospital. Thank you !!!!

  15. Used the Hartz Ultra Guard on my 7 year old dog He has done nothing but chew himself up since i did it. I came home today and his whole tail is nothing but a bloody mess. I want to join any class action suit against Hartz that is started.

  16. Both of my cats were given Hartz Ultra Guard on 11/6/12. Both now have permanent neurological disorders. I syringe feed the 3 yrs old Snowshoe every 4-5 hours and will do so for the rest of his life. My Himalayan/Ragdoll has to keep a lion cut because she can’t pass hair balls. My vet bills average $250 per month. Grooming-$125 every 6 weeks. Science Diet a/d $1.75 per can. We have a Facebook page and try to spread the word on the dangers of OTC flea products. Tooga Tales

  17. My email is: [email protected]
    A few days ago we went to PETsMART and bought SentryPro XFT flea & tick drops. At most I thought purchasing an OTC product would be ineffective. I had no clue as to the nightmare this product would cause. I put the drops on my healthy 3 year old Lab. Within an hour patches of hair had fallen out and he began acting as if an invisible force was beating him. Whining, yipping, running, rolling, panting. I immediately did what I should have done in the first place, looked up reviews. What I found was a sea of horror stories of this very thing my dog was suffering from. We immediately got him in the tub and bathed him in Dawn dish soap, twice. That was Monday evening. Now 5 days later, Friday June 20th 2014, he still continues to suffer. We, including our dog are running on little sleep. Our Vet has seen this several times and did not give us false hope. She said it’s some nasty toxins we’re dealing with and couldn’t believe they still continue to sell it. She said she’ll do what she can but, couldn’t make any promises our dog would make it through this. She came up with a plan A & B. We’re still in plan A. Later today we’ll be taking him in for a pain injection and said it can be safely give with the pain pills he’s already on. The pain pills had no effect so we’re going for the injection. It’s heart wrenching to watch my sweet innocent dog suffer. The guilt, regret, shame and anger is overwhelming. Our Vet told us we did the right thing by bathing him in Dawn dish soap earl on and that our dog’s size, good health and being young is in his favor. That although the big breeds sometimes don’t make it, it’s the cats & small breed dogs that fair the worst.
    All we can do is watch & hold our breath. Please if anyone knows what recourse we can take against those poisoning our pets, please email me! We would be grateful for any information and direction!!! My heart goes out to each of you & your pets! Thank you

  18. Hey all. I am amazed that these flea drops are still out there. They need to understand, these animals aren’t our pets. They are our kids, our best friends, our companions. The unconditional love we get from our furry family members, is unlike anything a human can give us. Ever. So they need to take heed, cause as Im sure you feel too, I will do ANYTHING to protect/or avenge my kids. I am broken from all the deaths. Myself, I have a beautiful pedigree white German Shepherd, who is my best friend, and my daughters 3rd bday gift. She just turned 12, so Nanook is now 9. I cook for her and her two 5yr old ‘kids’, who are hybrids. That’s 300lb of dog to feed, and its not really easy, but when I almost lost her to kidney failure from her DOG FOOD, her and my 13 yr old cat, I get high rated/quality dry mixed with home cooked liver, veggies, total cerial, rice, pasta, sometimes tuna and egg for variety, and oatmeal with beef base. The point is, poor as I am, I have kept these guys extremely healthy. And happy. Well, last October, she started gettin overrun with fleas from the yard. She only goes out to relieve herself, or just get fresh air and exercise. She gave them to my cat and I saw a couple on the couch so I scraped up the money to get them flea drops. This is after saving their lives in the nick of time from the dog/cat food. Now Nanook , being white has very sensitive skin, and gets allergic reactions from pollen and fleas, causing her to scratch and chew, so when she got to chewin on her back above her tail, I was mostly mad that the flea stuff wasnt workin. She went to the vet for a checkup 10-22-13, and I mentioned her skin condition ‘from her flea allergy’ but just as an explanation to the pinkish look of her fur back there. Then I started to notice her smelling like pennies when she would come in from outside, and got to lookin, and saw she didnt have any fleas, but her skin was raw. It had spread to her legs and belly and just started goin bald, in a short amt of time. I got online and qrobed skin, allergies, dog, fleas, and it brought me here. I immediately bathed her in the dawn, and used some of the witch hazel, and dermaplast dry spray antiseptic that works wonders for hot spot. It took forever to start healing up. And then it comes back. Not long after, she attacked and almost killed our outdoor cat Bubba Cuddy whom I nursed from birth, and she used to sleep with and clean. She is very nervous, almost neurotic, grumpy with the grand-kids, has very deep active bad dreams, and now the 3rd flair up of ther back has come. She is miserable. And it’s breaking my heart. in like 2 days, the skin on her back was shiny raw meat. I give her benedryl, and am treating it again, even have oatmeal bath, but please if anyone has a survivor, and the recurring skin infection, please share with me what I can do for her. It’s killing me, cause once again I did this. We trust these companies, with our families, TRUST them with their health and well being. And to have twice almost killed them… If there is a class action lawsuit, please please contact me. She suffers and suffers. Fortunately, her 2 grown pups, are wlf hybrid, and dont seem bothered by the fleas at all. And my old cat is a bobcat/domestic cat hybrid from S.C. where the bcats are smallish, and breed w cats, and she didnt have a reaction, just from the poison in her food last year. Thank you for your time and lets go after these people!!

    1. Hi trish.I am happy that you saved your story is much different my husband went and bought 4 sergeant duel action flea collars and they poisoned my all 4 of our babies we lost 12year-old cat boo we r devastated it’s been a month and I still miss her dearly we have her daughter and and her 2 son’s .I want justice and the crap off the shelves.we have to be their voice.please contact me at [email protected] ty Patricia Jenkinson.

  19. We just had to take our cat in from this garbage. He was having seizures and not doing much. Vet said 750-1500$$ n no promises. Amazing that this product can be sold.

  20. I gave the flee & tick medication drops HARTZ to my two adult cats. One did not have any issue. My older cat was foaming at the mouth after she had licked her back to remove the stuff. Something isn’t right with this picture! I was trying to do the cheaper route, but they routinely go to petsmart now under the wellness plan & the “nurse” said that HARTZ medication has been known to harm pets. Now I buy the expensive stuff $100 for a 3 month supply, for one cat call REVOLUTION. So, basically it is $200 for 3 months supply for two cats of the healthy, veterinary approved REVOLUTION medication. I recently became a registered nurse & can afford to invest in my pets. I have had too many sad stories with dogs that I cannot bear to have a cat die by HARTS poisen. Looks like my cats will be getting revolution from here on out!! Thanks for your information. This is really the first time that I have heard about this topic online.

  21. Washed my dog in Seargents shampoo and she’s had 4 seizures within 48 hours after her bath. She was freaking out, trying to walk and couldn’t and pouring water from her mouth. Also had no control of her bladder 🙁

  22. It was a sad weekend as we had to bury our first family dog. Our dog Willie, a Shih Tzu, was 8 years old and came down with 2 unrelated acute medical conditions and within a couple of days he progressed and then finally passed away.

    It started on a Thursday evening when our family started noticing that Willie was acting very strange. He was moping around with no energy and just moving very slowly. Friday morning his condition worsened and while laying down he started stretching his legs out in a lot of pain. We assumed he had eaten something bad and had a stomach ache however another condition started happening where he was acting drunk in his back legs. When he tried to walk he would sometimes drag them or just stand there with his back legs crossed. Then he would straighten them and walk normal for a few minutes.

    We ended up taking him to the vet Friday afternoon where we were told that the conditions were completely unrelated. The leg issue was a neurological that may have happened from injuring his back somehow but we could not find any injuries or pains in his back. The other more serious issue was that after blood work was ran it was determined his kidneys were shutting down. The vet sent us home with an IV to try to get fluids moving through him to flush whatever it was in his system that was causing his kidney issues. We spent the rest of the night Friday trying to give him fluids both with the IV as well as orally. He could not keep anything down we gave him and eventually all that came up was stomach bile that smelled horrible. Willie was in incredible pain but we continued Saturday trying to get him to urinate and take in fluids. It came to an end Saturday evening when his body just gave up and the pain was too much for him to bare. He was in such pain that in the end he was groaning like a man and we felt so sorry for him.

    My wife and I struggled for many days trying to figure out just what happened to Willie. I searched the yard and garage looking for anything dangerous he may have drank like antifreeze but I could not find anything. There were no yard chemicals, fertilizers, anything. We also have 4 other small dogs that have the exact same routine and none of the others were sick. They all drink and eat from the same bowls and have the same diet. After a few days it finally dawned on us what was different that week for Willie. Willie had a bad flea outbreak and we were trying to get control of it. My wife washed him with Hartz Ultraguard shampoo to kill the fleas. He had so many fleas on him that he was washed a couple of times to get rid of them all. It wasn’t until after this bathing on Wednesday night that he started downhill with his conditions. We quickly went to the Internet and did a search and saw that there were numerous people with the similar fatalities in their dogs and cats. Some with Kidney issues and some with neurological issues like seizures. We had never heard of this until now and are truly saddened that they continue to produce and sell this product with so many fatalities and law suits. As for us, we will never use the product again on any of our pets.

  23. I am on board with stopping these monsters from selling anymore of their deadly products!!!! Ive contacted Walmart and Hartz directly yet nothing is done and they continue to ignore the fact that their products are dangerous. Something needs to be done!!!!!!!!

  24. Please contact me I want to take action with you guys. My poor cat has been suffering for two years now. She has not been able to recover. My heart is broken …I’m happy I found this website. [email protected] please contact me

  25. I would be interested in joining this Lawsuit. Gave my 3 year old Tabby Nahla The flea and tick drops lastnight and at 4am she started seizing. I took her to the vet. Told them that I gave her a flea treatment and right away they asked me if it was Hartz!!! She is being treated with anti seizure meds and fluids. They also gave her a bath. She is still at the vets. I got home and called Hartz and they were extremely unsympathetic to my situation and actually quite rude to me. My email address is [email protected] please contact me. I am also urging all the stores in my community to take this product off the shelves. Thank you

  26. I too have just murdered a beloved 1 year old Tabby kitty rescued and bottle fed with much love. One of a couple hundred kittens, cats, puppies and dogs I have saved over the past 2 decades.

    Sprout was found in a downpour at a TN fast food restaurant. His brave feral Mom was raising her litter in a storm drain. A torrential downpour came. She rushed to save her kids, diving down that drain, getting Sprout to the surface first. On her next attempt, the minutes ticked off…slowly becoming 30 minutes. She never resurfaced as rain gushed down that drain front. She and her other babies had been swept away, losing their lives. The witnesses to this horror? 3 young teenage girls and their Mom on their way to my farm to purchase a horse. Animal lovers all.

    They picked up the shivering, soaked, lone 2-week old kitten, wrapped him in sweatshirts and brought him to me. He grew into a strapping clown. A true character, bold, loving & afraid of nothing.

    I treat all 8 of my adoptees/beloved kitties with Frontline each Summer month. In 2014, the fleas were prolific. Frontline seemed to be ineffective, for once. Standing at Petsmart, I decided to try SENTRY PURRFECT PLUS. Fatal decision.

    After application, I observed all of my kitties for roughly 1 hour while I gardened. They were aggitated but nothing excessive. ..just resentful of the wetness high on their necks, or so I thought. At bedtime, I checked the large water bowl, petting Sprout. He seemed awfully quiet..too quiet and still in reflection. And his pupils seemed a bit large. He was sitting. He started to rise to move..then, plopped his butt back down as tho he thought better.

    GUILT! HURT! In retrospect, I believe he COULDN’T move his hind end. And he was neurologic..and dazed. And I missed it while checking all 8. I have trouble forgiving myself.

    Sprout deserved so much better. They all do, our trusting “kids.” And no loving owner should feel such awful responsibility for trying to do what is right and best for their pets. Pet-“Smart”..Pet-“Dumb”…shame on you too. The word is out their and you should research any chemicals you promote and profit from. Liability?

    And Hartz…greed is your sole intention.

    Louisiana is a huge state for federal Tort Cases…”class actions.”

    I may have no dog in this fight as Sprout saw no vet. I found him cold and in rigor the next morning. Not a mark on him..but his eyes wide open, huge pupils & his mouth contorted and open. He was buried with my friend as witness.

    However, we must get this BAD DRUG CASE brought to the attention of those with the ability to make a difference.

    I am in if someobe pursues this travesty.

    Donna Biggs
    Lexington, KY

  27. Hi, I was just wondering what if anything was happening with the lawsuit. I hope you added me to it also as I want these animals to pay for the loss of my kitty and to get them to remove their products from the stores so no more babies have to suffer and die from this stuff.

    Please let me know what’s happening and if I have been added to the list. It breaks my heart that people are still loosing their fur babies and it’s been 2 yrs since I lost mine.

    Thanks for your time.

  28. I would love to be involved. Going through the ringer right now trying to get my 9 yr old dachshund healthy again. I gave him only one of the three tubes of flea and tick medicine and he has been going downhill ever since. He’s hanging in there but this needs to be stopped! Please let me know how I can help!

  29. Count me in!!!!!!!!!!! I tell EVERYONE that is shopping for flea products to go natural, because drops kill. IDIOTS STILL BUY! Saying it never did anything to their animal! So yes, I’m IN!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Count me in please. I lost THREE healthy cats in one week after bathing them in Hartz poison shampoo. I’m lucky the other 3 haven’t gotten their baths yet. Contact me at [email protected] for details. This mess has gotta go.

  31. Used Hartz flea and tick shampoo and my Chihuahua had stopped breathing husnand brought her back with cpr afwr that had many seizures and passed 8/12/14.A
    She was my heart my baby and rests in our yard with lavender around her .I will do whatever to get Hartz off the market

  32. Please contact me regarding this lawsuit as well. IM SO HURT!! My kitten and her mother suffered horribly as well. The mother ran away but the kitten died at home. All of his suffering was due to Hartz UltrGuard flea medication and my husband caught it all on video as proof. Im not going to let this happen to one more person. Please email me details. Thanks. Together we will take this company down!

  33. I would also like to know about any lawsuit that are filed. However; they are out of CHINA. All they offered me back in 1993 was to refund my money for the product. We need to get stores and website stores to STOP allowing it to be sold. eBay allows sellers to list this product with NO ONE KNOWING THESE RESULTS.

    My cat did not die in 1993 but she did suffer from the product and had seizures, foamed at the mouth, twitched etc. But we washed it off and never used HARTZ ever again. No one will stop them from selling it to USA. It’s up to the people to STOP BUYING HARTZ.

    It’s hard to prove and a class action suit would bring in lots of victims, but because it’s been going on for YEARS it’s hard to prove. I’m sure they know it too.

    Best we can do is share and tell everyone to share and keep telling others. We don’t want to read about more babies dying cause of HARTZ.

  34. I just lost two of my cats and I can only hope that my other two will make it. I used the Hartz cat flea powder. It killed my cats, but, not the fleas. I am so devastated over this. I want to join in a suit against Hartz, such to warn and inform the public, and to stop Hartz from ever marketing their lethal products again. I’m not interested in monetary gain, only to get their products off of our shelves….. finally and forever! Please keep me informed.

  35. Why would they still be selling this product if its killing our pets..I just bought a msltipoo hes 9weeks and it would’ve killed Me if something would’ve happen..My breeder told me about the shampoo after I brought the shampoo.. So I so happen to look it up.but I haven’t used it.I Will Be Bringing It Back To The Store.My heart goes out to the families w/o their luv ones

  36. My wife lost her male cat,Jack, to mysterious seizures ended in a blood clot killing him. Days after applying Hartz, is there anything we can do to assist getting this off the market? We didn’t even know about this untill recently with Jack passing months ago.

  37. I administered Hartz flea and tick medication to the skin on the back of the neck as directed. Yes she had fleas but she just seemed to be annoyed, not ill. A few hours after she lost control of her bladder and began breathing heavily. She lived a few hours longer, suffering terribly. How can this stuff be on the market?

  38. We just lost our 4 month kitten today from using Hartz flea collar. I want in!! I want to sue the hell out of Hartz for allowing their killing products on the shelf, taking our money! They owe me for the vet bill I just got by trying to save our baby’s life! Something has got to be done to stop this from happening to more animals. We are heartbroken how we lost our fur baby!!!!

  39. My cat has survived but has been in intensive care for 5 days. This poison has to be stopped. I have been reading and this has been going on since 2002. Talked with Hartz and they transferred me to ASPCA Animal Poison Control who took my report. Also asked to Vet to report. Nothing will happen but I will never use any of them again. Chip’s heart stopped, he had seizures etc. It is a miracle he is alive. I know it is the power of prayer. Has anyone ever been successful getting vet bills reimbursed?

  40. my cat is currently suffering seizures and neurological damage, was given atropine this morning at the emergency vet where we have been since 10pm lastnight, they don’t know if she will make it, I cant believe I didn’t hear about this or know about this before! I’m so upset! what do we do now?

  41. I didn’t read through all the replies, because from what I read above about getting vet bills reimbursed, if you happen to be a resident of California, you might be interested in this. Small claims fees can be from $45 to $120, or if you qualify, no charge at all. Reason I am telling you this, small claims here has a law that I have taken advantage of ever since I discovered it. In small claims, both plaintiff and defendant may not be represented by an attorney! You heard me right, so know what this means? It means you can take Hartz to court and show the judge all the complaint’s and vet evidence and even better, if you get a nice judge, they may even allow you to include suing for the filing fees too! Even though the instructions say not to include them, I always do and 80% of the time the Judge has allowed it. I won 99% of my small claims cases. Only lost one because it wasn’t due to the person I was suing being good, it was because I found out all too late it wasn’t the defendant who ripped me off but my own employer. That being said, most courts have a law library. Use it. Studying cases is not as hard as it sounds, and copy the pages in a copy machine to use in court too. Since the big companies cant use their big time attorneys and cant send an unbarred one to court, if you do your homework, you most likely will win! Also, if enough file cases, that’s when they get notice and get turned into class action lawsuits. If you don’t live in California, check with your local court. From what I heard, CA isn’t the only state that has this law for small claims. Oh, most important. For those of you who have read this and thing the statute of limitations is past, if that pet that suffered belonged to a child, then in many states you can file for that child’s pet loss even 5 years later! The child has to be under 18 years of age, and some states allow a few years over the age of 18. Each state is different. I’m talking from what I have done myself for my family. Sadly, I have not bothered with Hartz in court YET. But just to name some of the big companies I tore apart in court are as follows: AT&T, Verizon, H&R Block, Chase, the list goes on and all of those big time companies lost to me because they could not use their attorneys and I did my research in the redwood city law library just 2 blocks from the court! Hope this helps.
    Just a side note. Calling and telling a company your going to sue them does nothing. 99.9% of the people who say they will doing this never do so they don’t take this as a threat or warning. Go online for your state and fill out the lawsuit papers and mail them certified return receipt with a letter that you want to be reimbursed, or you will file these papers within 30 days. Snailmail like this has worked for me without even going to court. But if you do this, only ask for what you spent. If you want damages, then you have to go to court. Asking for more than the vet costs in some states constitutes as blackmail. Again, I hope this information helps.

  42. Christina! Please help i lost my dog last night he died after i put the sergeants flea collor on him that morning he was acting weird abd i didnt know what to do or what was wrong figured id keep an eye on him and take him to the vet the next day sadely my baby died last night after having what looks to be a seizure.. Rip my baby boy he was 6 years old and very healthy til yesterday. He was a great dog he was a chiuahau mix. I want to sue sergeants this product shouldn’t be alloud to kill any more of out babies

  43. What happened with the lawsuit? It’s been 4 years…
    I see most are posting about the flea drops. My cat is suffering from the ear mite drops. He is in critical condition. This company needs to be put out, not just compensation for medical bills. I couldn’t care less about several hundred dollars…they hurt my kitty. He is so pathetically injured, it is so heartbreaking. I’ve been blaming myself terribly too. I knew to avoid their shampoos…what was I thinking? My poor kitter. This is not okay. How can they sleep knowing they are the cause of such pain ans suffering of both the animals and their families???

  44. Hey, I’m all in. Been suffering with both hands blistering , peeling, itching and reblistering since I put harts flea collar on my dog may 15. Went to urgent care because my eyes swelled shut next day. Been doctoring with salve ever since. Taking collar off tomorrow but saving it for evidence.

  45. Hi, my dog is in the vet right now with a bill estimate of over $1,000.00 and I believe it is all due to this product. I am praying he will be ok his sister is here missing him like crazy. What can I do?

  46. Omg I’m so so very sorry for all these poor animals, I had no idea about what this soap has and could cause but it makeing me wounder since I started using it both of my dogs have ALOT I MEAN ALOT OF LUMPS covering there body,my female is the worst she is having a hard time breathing,my male has lost a toe from the lumps and not only that they constantly throw up ,I thought that it was from them drinking to much water but they only get certain amount and have never thrown up in past iv had my dogs since they were born I had to bottle feed and diapers and burp these dogs,but all this started three years ago with the lumps when I switched there soap so I’m thinking that this is why from the Hertz shampoo oatmeal

  47. I am so sad and sick, to think I killed mine beloved pets. I had a toy poodle, I bath him, with the spray Hartz shampoo thinking it was something new. He like baths. But he never like to be away from me, it was suggested I bath him before bring to groomer. I brought him home within one hour after he had hair cut. The groomer told me my dog wasn’t acting right, his heart rate was high. This was all within two hours from his bath. mine dog when I picked up, just laid wrapped in his blanket (I was thinking something went wrong at the groomer.) After having mine baby home within two hours he was vomiting and was having a seizure. My husband and I took right back to the vet on ways my dog (mine baby) was vomiting blood, acted cold and so I cover up. The groomer worked in vets office got the vet, which saaid mine dog was having seizures and with blood he was losing wanted to keep in hospital. Knowing that would upset mine baby as he never like to be away from me, I took back home. Know idea my dog was having a reaction to the new shampoo, that I used just once. I know he was okay in morning, ate, drank, went to door to go to potty. Never notice dog acting different until after the bath of Hartz shampoo that had a nice smell. Then left for his groomer! This is when he was acting different, groomer just thought he was crying because I wasn’t with him, then notice his heart rate, He would get worked up when I left so never left him long, 30-45 minutes now I feel so very bad, so sad, emotion, you must realize this wasn’t just a dog he was mine 6-year old baby. Not knowing it was the Hartz shampoo that caused my toy poodle’s dead It doesn’t end their I had a calico cat 3-4 years old, she would go outside but in house most of time. I bath her in Hartz hairball control extra gentle shampoo. She had long hair 3-4 treatment, she started losing her hair and scratch, just laid around. She started vomiting. Vet thought I was shampooing her to often, the vet told me to spray Hartz over the counter skin care hydrocortisome spray 2-3 times a day. One day I went to his bed as his routine was to come out, I was concern. She just was limp, I had to pick up, could walk and acted lifeless, I held and took out to see if he had to go to bathroom, when I put her down she just fell over. She wasn’t interested in eating or drinking. Could stand. I try to give water with a infant tube. Her stomach like deflated, the Vet said I am afraid nothing I can do for her.Told me do what I been doing try to get water down her. The next morning she was dead. Now after being me thinking I was doing a good think for her, I killed two of mine beloved pets. It is so sad when you find this afterwrds.

  48. I used the flea and tick drops on my cat, she was freaking out once I put it on, going crazy like it was hurting her, I washed it off with dish soap 10 mins after applying ( wish I did it sooner) in result of using it she got a horriable chemical burn which I had to get medication for and lost hair and it still hasn’t grown back and its been over a month. makes me incredibly sad thinking that if I kept it on her she could of died.

  49. Hartz Killed my daughters cat. She was fine, nothing wrong with her, we used the flea and tick medicine on her and 5 days later she is dead. That’s the only chemical she was exposed to and she looks like she had a seizure. I found her on the front porch. Poor baby. Now I have to break my daughters heart and tell them. You better bet I will let the world know!

  50. Ever since I used this.. my dog is itching to the point he has no hair… looks like mange.. but it’s this shampoo.. because my other dog itches as well.. just not to the point my little one does

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