Poor Kitties

This all happened a couple months ago. I was trying to do what was best for my two kitties, a brother and sister I adopted. I bought a Hartz preventative flea medication. I applied it to both of my cats and within an hour I had a feeling something was wrong with my female cat. The spot on her neck where I applied the medicine was so, so greasy and it made her hair stand up which made it look like she was balding. She was acting off and as if she was uncomfortable. Then I noticed her being to twitch and I suspected it was the Hartz product I just used. I went on the Internet and my heart dropped when I read the things on this site as well as others. Hartz products poisons and kills domesticated animals !!! I immediately began prepping for the kitties bath, rushing around like a crazy person. The male wasn’t showing any symptoms of distress so I decided I’d bathe the female first. This was all happening at around 3 am so I was lucky I happened to have Dawn dish soap. However, my cats are 11 pounds each and giving them a bath by myself was a struggle. I was able put some soap and rinse it off before they escaped/climbed the shower curtain. I was afraid it wasn’t thorough enough but I did the best I could. I watched them for a couple hours and they seemed to be doing okay so I went to sleep for awhile. When I got up, there were still acting okay even though the female was still twitching. Although the greasy spot had gotten a little better, it was still noticeable. The next day consisted of me holding two paper towels, one with Dawn and one soaked with water. I would coax my kitties to me and in one quick motion, rub Dawn on their neck and then wring out all the water from the soaked paper towel onto their neck. Then I would dry the area with a towel next time I got a hold of them. The next day it was better but their necks were still greasy. I put baby powder to absorb the oil. (I never read to do this anywhere, I figured it was worth a try). It helped to absorb the rest of the oil and within the next day it was gone. My kitties are just fine thanks to my intuition and this website. I feel lucky I was able to notice and correct the problem right away. I don’t understand why this product is still being sold in stores. Even if Hartz doesn’t stop making their products, companies need to understand they are selling animal poison advertised as flea and tick medication.

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