Human Reaction to Hartz Tick and Flea

I have not read through all the posts on this site to know if anyone else has posted of a human having a terrible reaction to Hartz tick and flea. Here is my story.

Last week I helped a friend out by petsitting her little dog. The owner had put Hartz Ultraguard topical tick and flea prevention on her dog before dropping her off. That night I cuddled with the dog and noticed a tickle in my throat and a weak cough. I joked on Facebook that maybe I was allergic to the dog. I should mention I am a huge dog lover and dogs have been in my life forever. My own dogs have used Frontline in the past. I have no allergies at all to dogs or cats or anything.

The next day, my “cold” got worse. I did spend a lot of time with the dog, sleeping in my bed etc. Two days later I could not go to work. I felt sick and achy, was coughing, had a very sore throat and had a fever. I went to a minute clinic to have a strep test. They listened to my chest and said it sounded bad and wanted to call an ambulance. To cut a long story short, I spent the weekend in the hospital. The Hartz product closed my airways and it became very hard to breathe. I was on steroids, drips, had to have lots of respiratory treatments etc. Now, 5 days later, i am home but still weak and coughing. The doctors have little doubt that it was the Hartz product that lead to this severe allergic reaction.

Have there been other cases of HUMANS having adverse effects from a Hartz product. I would be very interested to know. It’s been a terrible week and it will be a very expensive one after 3 days in hospital.  My friend who applied Hartz feels guilt stricken that her dog put me in the hospital.


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  1. This product is dangerous and should never be used on your pets! It is morally reprehensible that pet stores continue to sell it! Hartz is a despicable organization to continue to sell this poison which kills pets and make humans sick. They need to be forced to remove these products off the shelves so that no more animals become sick or die!


  3. Im sorry to hear that. But i have to say yes. I didnt mention it earlier about the adverse affect that killed my dog because it was on a different day but truthfully i can swear to you this did happen. After the whole thing with my dog dying from it. We completely forgot to take the shampoo bottle out of bathtub and it leaked all over the tub ofcourse my husband didnt know that so when he got in to take a shower he stepped in the Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo and noticed that his feet felt like they were burning when his shower was over he noticed that his feet were blistered from where he stepped in the shampoo. I read the front and back of label and there is no health warning pertaining to something like that just a warning stating to wash your hands incase you were eating. I hope this helps.

    1. @Christina, you should so sue Hart’s for this! This company needs to be buried once and for all! I didn’t know all this about this Brand. I bought a cat flea and tick collar for a friends cat. The cat had it on for about 2 weeks before I realized that it wasn’t working. I realiothat I didn’t stretch it to activate medication. So I took it off the cat and stretched it. Afterwards my hands started burning so I immediately washed them. Thankfully I told my friend to save the box where I read that this collar can be dangerous for both pets and humans. 🙄 So now 3 days later my hands are still burning. I just looked up why they are burning and stumbled upon this site. I immediately called my friend when I read all these reviews. Smh. Idk why the box doesn’t just say to put gloves on before handling collar! The directions on the box are such a contradiction! The collar is dangerous to humans if absorbed through skin but then they tell you to stretch it. How can you stretch the collar to activate pesticides without touching it? 🙄 Ridiculous

  4. no… i am very allergic to these poisons as well…. shuts my throat, i get hives, i don’t even touch my dogs for a week after i’ve applied…. i started using the rx pill with my bulldog four years ago and he started having seizures so i went back to topical… after my bulldog died from a seizure in my arms ….
    my new pit is fine with it so far…. but my chihuahua is acting exactly how you see in the other posts…. back end seizes up…. he shakes his leg likes he’s scratching but i know from my other dog… they are partial seizures….. he is uncomfortable and sad looking… im trying to feed him water all day…. i will never use these meds again…. i will just do the yard and use organic and wash them like crazy in the summer…. these meds should be off the shelf and replaced with any of the homeopathic meds…. even if they only work half as well…. i spray their bed with peppermint spray… and do the yard as well…..
    i don’t know… im sorry you guys have this problem as well….. it’s sad….

  5. I put on the hartz ultraguard plus collar for dogs on my dog. I didn’t touch the collar for more than 2 minutes, and washed my hands immediately afterwards, but my skin has been feeling so weird…it doesn’t hurt or anything…it’s just sort of irritated. I don’t feel normal but don’t know if I should be going to the emergency room. I’ve washed my hands numerous times, and I still feel sort of funny. I obviously took the collar off my dog immediately because that scared me, and then I started reading these reviews…my dog doesn’t seem affected but I’m not going to sit around and let her. She seems okay but I’m still kind of worried. What do I do?

  6. I know these posts have to do with Hartz products, but I and my dog are having gross reactions to Adams Flea and Tick Shampoo. I used it today and the stuff was very difficult to rinse off. Hours later, my entire body started itching. I scratched here, and there and when it grew severe enough, I went into the bathroom and looked at the horror I was seeing! My skin started developing hives around my chest, armpits, back, mid left and right sides, hips, legs, feet, and ankles. My dog Shelby (36 lb American Pit Terrier) is salivating like crazy, constantly rolls on his back to scratch, and pants really heavy as though he were short of breath. After reading the poisons used in both Hartz and Adams products, I’m convinced (based on dozens of Class Actions against Hartz) that a poison called Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid which has been responsible for roughly 72,000 pets in a single year, with thousands of negative human reactions. There is a video on youtube where owners of a cat video-recorded their cat having nervous twitching, salivating, and uncontrollable muscle reactions; the poor kitten died. I myself and considering visiting the ER if this doesn’t clear up by morning. Right now I am in torment with all of this severe itching and burning; I feel as though I came under a chemical attack! And it saddens me that the EPA or the FDA continues to sit on this, and they have yet to pull these dangerous products off the shelf. Naturally so as they are likely being paid off to prevent profit-loss for these companies! I say, if they aren’t going to protect us, then they are against us, and must therefore be shut down!

    1. I used the Hartz Spray and not long after I developed severe itchy, burning skin like you. Went to the hospital and they almost made out like it was in my head. How did it work out for you. Did it eventually go away or did you find something to cure it? It’s about driving me out of my mind. Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks So Much

  7. horrible reaction to the hartz flea collar too-whike babysitting my friends dog– she had a new collar put on the day beforei watched her, by that evening i was itching all over horribly-eyes swollen shut. my sister took me to urgent care clinic they have me on strong steroids,benedryl, and a pill to lessen the upset to my somach from all the meds. Worse thing is my friend who is no longer acted very indifferently to me-showing no concern and as a matter of fact said i stress her!! her text to me was all about her and no ask of my condition!! OMG I was shocked and hurt my face is one huge red blotch- stings,painful.

  8. I put a hartz collar on our cat late one evening. At 5am, I was up vomiting, had terrible diarrhea, fatigue and headache. After seeking medical help, it was determined a poisoning from the Hartz collar. I’m furious, it could have been our one year old daughter.

    1. I had put Hartz collar on my 2 dogs the next day my partner and was feeling sick, had headache , fatigue, bitter taste in my mouth, chest pain, feeling anxious. We took the flea collar of our dogs. We had to wash all the blankets bc our dogs slept on them and it was expose to the toxic collar. Hartz should be ban!

  9. I bathed my dogs in hartz flea shampoo and have been having terrible allergy attacks whenever the dogs wrestle or run around me since then. They’re so bad my throat gets tight and scratchy and I can’t stop sneezing and crying. Never happened before this.

  10. Wow. I just had a awful allergic reaction from the hartz flea collar. It locked my entire body up for over 48 hrs. It started 3 hrs after I put the dog collar on my mini poodle. I took the dog collar off after 24hrs to see if that was the problem and within a few hrs i felt drastically better. Scarey they can sell this with no warnings especially experiencing the allergic reaction and reading all these comments. Hartz dog flea/tick collars should be banned. It was a Scarey experience I went threw as that flea collar had my body locked up with severe body pain. Single mom with 2 kids and a poodle. I’m thankfully I got the reaction and figured it out as soon as I did and it wasn’t my kids getting that Scarey reaction.

  11. I’m going through this right now, although with a different brand. Same thing last year but didn’t fully isolate the cause. It’s been a nightmare. There were absolutely no warnings on the packaging. It impacted my work. Then my boss said he thought stress was causing my hives and swelling, and demoted me for allegedly not being able to handle my job. I’m furious.

  12. Just put a hartz collar on my dog not to long ago only a couple hours and he started getting very tired not moving and couple more hosue passed by and I feel ridiculously sick have a headache and have been salivating like crazy and feeling dizzy I don’t know if it’s poisoning or not but I didn’t even realize it was hartz till I read this and checked the box

  13. I put a hartz collar on my dog and I ended up with swollen eyes and itching after playing with her…I took it off and threw it away…

  14. I am having a reaction like this after using Adams flea dip on a foster dog who was covered in fleas.. I am not allergic to dogs, have spent my entire life around dogs, yet I am having the most terrible reaction to this foster since treating his fleas. congestion, eyes watery and swollen, asthma kicking in. I considered going to the ER last night because i am truly unable to get a good breath. Has anyone experienced this after using Adams? Does it go away once its worked it way out of the dogs system?

  15. Like everyone else I have a flea issue. Unfortunately as a cab driver one of my customers had transferred a flea infestation to me and infected my 5 cats. I did my best to make sure that I was flea free before entering my home but one had gotten through anyways. So since 2 of my cats are unable to be bathed I decided to take the flea collar route. Within minutes my cats started to show weird and unusual behavior. Also they seemed to be expressing themselves in a manner as to show me that something was seriously wrong. After reading through reviews I had found, ultimately left me in regret and fear. Unfortunately I made the mistake of trusting a company without any thought. I had left the collars on for about 2 days before removing them. At first I thought they were just acting weird because they are not used to wearing collars since they are not need. They are all strictly indoor cats for good reason. Though the symptoms hadn’t dissipated I quickly removed the collars. I tried checking for chemical burns but unfortunately their fur is far too thick to even see. After removing the collars they seemed to returned to normal. I hope this was helpful and I hope those of the Hartz company get what’s coming to them.

  16. I always feel sick a few days after applying a flea treatment to my dog and cat, and it doesnt really make a difference which brand. I have flu-like symptoms – headache, low fever, body aches and extremely worn out. I never get sick in the summer otherwise, so this has to be the only explanation. Ive tried alternative treatments, but unfortunately if you dont catch it in time – the fleas can get bad fast, and no amount of washing and vaccuming can seem to get it in check – especially in the summer when they can survive outside. So out of despiration I turn to the topical treatments. But each and every time I feel sick a day or two later. I use disposable gloves and try to avoid touching my pets a few days after, but I think they rub themselves on things and it ends up all over the house. One thing is to make sure if you have to use it, you read reviews first. Dont use frontline, it was useless – and dont believe that you need to use the product 3xs before you see results…thats just a money grab to make sure you use more of the product before finding out its not working, and then end up using a bunch of other useless products on top of it because the fleas are even worse. I used Advantix for the dog (which if you have cats you may not want to use) which worked quickly. Advantage had worked before for the cat, but their version didnt work for the dog. The point is, if you have to use it, be very careful and use sparingly. Dont use it as a preventative, it is adding extremely harmful chemicals to your household, and unknown long term effects, as well as short term, on your family.

  17. I’ve used hartz products for years on my pets and never had a problem,I use hartz ultra guard for dogs over 30lbs on dogs that weigh between 80 and 100 lbs. and its quite effective. Maybe thats why other peoples dogs and cats are getting sick,because their giving them to big of a dose. In my opinion if you let the fleas and ticks have their way with your pets they may end up in a lot worse shape than what the hartz products can do.

  18. I put a Hartz dog collar on each of my three dogs this evening. Within 30 minutes my eyes started burning and itching and I feel like I have a sore throat and my lips, mouth and tongue also burn. I rinsed my eyes out for 15 minutes in the shower. It has been three hours now…my eyes still burn though not as bad and I feel like I am getting a chest cold. I have just drank a lot of water and took a Benedryl. Hope this helps anybody. Don’t use this product. The collars are now in the trash. If you find yourself having this reaction rinse your eyes out immediately..wash your hands thoroughly. Good luck.

  19. I was bathing my dog and I have a tiny chest pain and i feel weird I got maybe a tiny splash on my lip as I was bathing my dog. I’ve never had a problem until now but I just recently used this product again

  20. Yes. Just did a Hotshot fogger and Hartz spray throughout a home with a friend and am having a rough allergic reaction for days now. Mouth went numb and swollen, then horribly itchy and sore. Moved to my throat which feels swollen and sore and dry, hard to eat or swallow the first day… It is finally mellowing out but I will NEVER use non-natural flea treatment ever again. This was scary and not fun. And it didn’t even get rid of the fleas. #ihateeverything

  21. I took my cats Hartz flea collar off because it made her lose all of her fur around her neck. And I can barley type this I feel so funny. Sore throat, burning nose and itchy eyes. My hands immediately started burning when I took the collar off. What do I do? I’m scared right now.

  22. A week ago yesterday I put the flea and tick collars on three of my cats, the next morning my hands started itching pretty bad but I didn’t think anything of it. The following day it was red rash up my arms. By Wednesday it was up my face and neck and hair line, but by then it was not just spots but full hives. Thick burning hives. Thursday morning I woke up bright red and swollen. Took myself to the er and was given a steroid shot and a double dose of benedryl. Friday wasn’t better but not worse, Saturday morning I woke up with my eyes swollen almost fully shut. Went to the er again. Rash and hives were then all over arms chest and trunk and back. Was given more steroids by shot and more to bring home internally. Then today went to my pcm and ended up getting a different type of steroid. It seems to have been settling down a bit but not going away. The only thing different was the collars!!!!!!

    1. Hello Patricia. Thank you for sharing your story! Unfortunately I can totally relate to you because I too, have had to visit the ER with severe mouth/lip burning problems. Please tell me, are you better? Did the burning stop? Are you still taking meds? Are your furrbabies okay?

  23. I put flea collar harts on my dog may 15. My Eyes swelled shut on me next day. Went to er got eyedrops and salve. They got better but my hands continually break out in blisters between all my fingers and moving up to my wrist now today. Dog threw up today. Collar is going in garbage.

  24. Put collar on cat. By evening she was hiding way deep in my closet. I pulled her out. She was foaming at the mouth. I cradled her as I was removing the collar and apologizing. An hour later my arms were on fire. My eyes began to swell a bit and I got a mild headache. By 3 am my eyes were almost shut my lips were swollen and weeping my chest was welted and burning. I opted to hold out on ER due to coronavirus but by 7am my cat was happy but my husband woke up…took one look at me and took me to ER. I received injection and medications in currently taking. Man I just feel horrible I put my cat through that and crappy in general…nauseated and exhausted and now my lips and eyelids are on fire and peeling. Oh me oh wishing for a class action on this one. I kept all records from collar to ER, prescriptions and day to day progression photos.

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