Going “Sergents Green” almost killed my kittens

I rescued two kittens, a brother and sister, this past year. That’s when i found out how riddled my apartment complex was with fleas. They were about 8 months old when this happened. I bathed both of them, then applied Sergent’s Green. I didn’t use a whole tube of it either i just split one between the two of them. I immediately swore to never use it again, as the smell was strong enough to choke the cats up and make them foam up at the mouth so my room mate corralled Dexter and washed the medication off of him while i took Sookie and did the same. Dexter seemed to be ok, if just a little unsteady. It was Sookie that worried me. she kept shaking as if she couldn’t get warm so i curled her up in a blanket and held her trying to calm her down some. after about ten minutes she was still shaking and her pupils had dilated, so we rushed them to the emergency vet. By this time Dexter had started to shake too. I was told they were exhibiting the symptoms of pyrethrin poisoning. They were given something to help flush their systems, and IV’s, in addition to another round of baths. I was so scared i was going to lose them, I mean i must have been a sight, a 260 lb army vet crying in the vets waiting area. I stayed up with them all night and called in sick the next day to work. We kept all of the lights off in the apartment for the next three days while their eyes returned to normal to limit any damage to their sight. I am happy to say that they made a full recovery, but Sookie still holds a grudge over it, she will only curl up with my room mate now and only comes to me when she wants food. The vets were wonderful and only charged us for one of the kittens despite treating them both. The people over at Sergents however haven’t been near as cooperative. All i did was ask that they paid the vet bills, they requested i send the product back to them for testing as according to them there is no way it could contain pyrethrin or any other substances toxic to cats. I filled out all of the forms they sent me for re-imbursement and i sent all but one tube back to them as I wanted my own evidence should this escalate. Well Sergent’s has drug their feet on the issue refusing to pay the bills until i send them the final tube. As of now we are at a standstill. We did manage to get the product pulled from the shelves of the area Krogers and other stores though, so that is something.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear your cats have recovered. Mine were given Hartz Ultra Guard 11/6/12. Both have permanent neurological disorders. I’m still syringe feeding Tooga and likely will for the rest of his life. Hartz paid for blood test. Both had toxic levels of pyre thin in their system. I declined their ridiculous settlement offer. I refuse to sign a nondisclosure agreement and take down their Facebook page. I just wanted them to a copy responsibility for what they did and continue to do.
    More on Facebook page Tooga Tales.

  2. UPDATE:

    Sergents actually called me the other week to ask how the cats were and said if I scanned the vet bill and emailed it to them they would take care of it without me sending them product. I got the reimbursement withing a week of sending copy of bill along with a huge box of kitty toys and treats with another apology letter.
    I was surprised enough to hear from them, but the representative that called mentioned the cats by name and was so apologetic and said that we had prompted a line shutdown and cleaning for cross contamination of product.
    I want to believe that really happened, it gives me a little bit more faith in humanity.

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