Grief-stricken, sickened and now guilt-ridden

I fear that after reading these victims’ heart wrenching posts, my negligence as a pet owner is the cause of my indoor cat’s recent death.

I used Hartz 2x after an escape and subsequent epic flea infestation on Aug. 19th. I did notice vomiting, but that really wasn’t too unusual as Newman has always ever vomited after eating too quickly. Later I also noticed a lack of appetite, but I had changed his food and figured he just wasn’t that keen on the senior Iams version. After several trips to the vet and inconclusive blood work, i.e., everything looked clear, the Dr. gave me an appetite stimulant which half worked, however, I began to notice hind leg weakness and limping. After a follow up visit and another few ounces of weight loss, she recommended steroids as signs seemed to point to cancer and evidently steroids can be highly effective.

We started the steroids in addition to the appetite stimulant and Newman’s health continued to decline, increasing lethargy and complete inability to jump onto our low sofa. I came home on Dec. 11th to find him lying in his litter box dead. I’ll never know the true cause and the vet tells me that it isn’t my fault, but how can I think otherwise with so many horror stories about Hartz? Newman was a sturdy, healthy and happy cat before his escape and flea treatment and three months later he was gone. I’m devastated.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. I have found myself in Walmart looking for a product for my dogs and cat but usually when I pick something up it has been made by Hartz. No way I would go thru that heartache again and I keep telling anyone who has a pet about it.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. 2 of my mammaw’s cats died earlier this year bc of Hartz flea treatment. Her third cat barely made it. I don’t know how they can keep their products on the market.

  3. Use diatomaceous earth to control fleas. Rub it into your cat or dogs fur all over their body and the fleas will leave. Any left will eventually die. I have never heard of it not working and it is completely safe. Just don’t let them breathe the dust.

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