Your site saved my cat

I took in a stray cat about a week ago and instantly fell in love with her. She is a beautiful black cat and a complete sweetheart. Since I took her in I’ve been trying my best to accommodate her needs, including today by trying to cure her fleas that cause her to scratch like crazy. My mother brought home Hartz Ultra Guard she picked up during her run to a cornerstore and, not thinking anything of it, I applied the “medicine” to the base of her skull on the back of her neck like the box instructed. She (thankfully) ran away before I could finish giving her the whole dose. Not even 20 minutes later I noticed a change in her behavior; she was crouched down in a scared position and didn’t want to be pet. I then noticed her ears were constantly twitching every couple seconds and a little bit later her skin was twitching as well. I had a sinking feeling that there was something wrong, so I googled her symptoms and the product I used and found this site, and thank god I did. After seeing the horror stories on here I ran outside where I let her out and scrubbed the spot where I applied the medicine with several wet washcloths and took off her collar. She was laying in the grass nearly motionless the whole time. I called my boyfriend and asked him to come over and help me with her, we followed this site’s advice of using Dawn soap and cleaned her fur of any of the remaining poison. She has gone back to her normal behavior since then, and I am so incredibly relieved. I am thankful for this site and everyone’s stories. You all saved my cat’s life. I will never use Hartz or any product containing┬ápermethrin ever again and will fight against this corrupt company that kills people’s beloved pets for a quick buck. I can’t believe this stuff is on the market.

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