Neem Oil as alternative to flea prevention

This past year I have reason to pat myself on the back. I made a pledge to stop using any and all synthetic products to prevent fleas and i did pretty good. I live in the greater Cleveland area so I have never seen ticks in the 12 years I’ve lived here.
1. Get some Neem Oil at a hydroponics store along with a product called AzaMax. (Will be cheaper to purchase online). 2. One gallon air pressure sprayer or 32 oz spray bottle. 3. dish detergent.

If using the gallon hand pump sprayer: take 1/2 table spoon of Neem and 1/2 tablespoon of AzaMaz and put in hand pumpĀ  sprayer. Then take like 1/2 gallon of water and warm it up a little to like 80 to 90 degrees so the neem and AzaMax can dilute easier and dump in sprayer along with a few drops of dish detergent which also will help brake up the oily Neem and AzaMax and improve dispersant. Then I fill the hand pump sprayer the rest of the way up with water. I have a De-ionization water system at home so I use the pure water. Also, I live in Cleveland and it’s a wee bit cooler here during the fall, winter and spring seasons so I keep the sprayer in a warm place in the house so the contents don’t jell up in solution.

In the house: (Before I leave the house for a few hours) I take and shake the sprayer and set the nozzle so that it comes out in the finest mist. Smaller droplets have a tendency to fall on fleas or other bugs better and I spray the whole house from the attic on down including carpets, wood floors, furniture and crate/dens until I hit the basement which is concrete. I will do this at least every 3 days and it works very well. I pick up the dogs water and food bowls and because it’s a fine mist it dries quickly. Neem is a plant and the AzaMax is derived from Neem. Totally safe.

Suggestions: Put Lavender oil or other essential oils known to drive bugs crazy, just a few drops. I include Lavender

Outside: Same thing but use a little more of the ingredients. Cut the grass and pick up poop. Set nozzle for more of a spray stream so that lager droplets spray out. Spray yard every 3 to 4 days. I understand that this could be a big deal for some dog owners especially if you have large yards. I have a nice small yard. Wish it was bigger for their sake but the one gallon hand pump sprayer will do the whole back yard.
During the 2012 season I dropped the ball and had alot of fleas but this past year I kicked ass and followed protocol and breezed right threw the Summer and Fall with no problems. No Frontline.

I would spray the dogs with Lavender, tea tree and almond oil along with a few drops of dish detergent and I will spray it on the dogs and around the house once in a while and that will keep the bugs off them.


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