My Cat Died

.. I lost my cat Goober to the Hartz flea & Tic shampoo when he was 8 months old its been a little over a year now. I just found this web site. I had bought the Sergent’s drops but counldn’t bring myself to use them tell I checked it out on the computer because of what had happened with my cat Goober from the Hartz flea  & tic shampoo… I gave him his bath. and he started just crying out to me like he was in pain. I couldn’t figure it out and he was dead within about 10 min after his bath…. It was a Friday Night so we berried him Saturday Morning. I called The Hartz company Monday morning and told them what had happed.  I thought they really  cared  what had happened to goober and I thought that something must have happened like product tampering. So she said I could send it to them and they would check it out… So I sent it to them telling them that when I gave him the bath he started crying out. I thought he just didn’t like the bath. But after I took him out he kept crying and died within 10 mins. after the bath.. I sent it to them and within 2 weeks I received a letter from them telling me they was sorry for my loss. But without me sending the cat to them there wasn’t anyway of proving it was there product…. Maybe I couldn’t But I can tell others what happened to my cat Goober… And I let anyone that will lesson in the cat isle what happened so they wont have to go through the same thing as I did… So I hope you all will pass this on. I will go to the vet now for help with this I wont try another product off the shelf… Thank you for sharing. I might have tried the Sergent’s  if you hadn’t have wrote your review..Thank You 

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t think I heard from anyone who contacted Hartz about their loss or a pet getting burns or sickness from using the flea product (and Sargents)that received any kind of a answer indicating that Hartz believed (or didn’t know)that their product was causing all this sorrow. I was lucky that my cat survived but lots have not.

  2. So sorry for your loss and this horrible experience. I’ll make sure I never buy this products and tell others about it too. I had a really bad experience with Sentry Pro flea and tick drops. I wrote a review about it. I never heard of Sergent but thanks to you now I do
    God bless!

  3. I bought a hartz 040775Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Collars for Cats (1 Each)1 from in December . I just decided to use it on my cat since she had flea last year and the vet suggested to use flea med once every half a year. I opened it then the fine powder started to come off and I smell a weird scent but still put it on to my cat.then started to read the direction.however the direction conflicts by itself it says use on cats only and it’s poisonous to human and domestic animals. All I know is cats are domestic animals.then I searched on amazon and found this site through some review from there. Thank god I took it off of my baby before it was too late and I gave her a bath thoroughly. Then guess what my finger which used to touch the collar started to burn and itch. Can’t even imagine if my cat wear that for very long ……… I just wanna know is there a way to shut down the cruel company hartz ????????????

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