Sergeant’s chemical burn

This from an email today from Nicole:

“Our story is not about Hartz, but about Sergeant’s.  After finding a couple fleas on our 1 year old boxer , we went and purchased Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC spot flea and tick treatment.  The instructions on the box were very unclear as to apply all of product in one location, or along back.  So I opted for along her back.  The very next day my husband and I noticed small places where her fur and skin were missing.  We kept an eye on it, and the very next day the small places turned larger and more in quantity.  We brought her in to the vet that day.  Our vet diagnosed her with a chemical burn.  Our baby was prescribed 5 different medications, 2 oral and 3 topical.  We had to do treatments on her, lasting an hour and a half each, twice a day.  Finally, after 3 months of doing treatments, she is now completely healed.  No more “meat” is showing and her skin is closed up.  She still doesn’t have any hair growth, and it probably wont come back, but we still love her and are thankful this situation didn’t end differently.  We were reimbursed from Sergeant’s for all of the vet bills, but were told the reason she got sick was because I applied the product incorrectly.  I know that if I would have put it all in one spot, being more concentrated in that spot, she might not have survived this ordeal.  I would suggest to anyone else that this happens to….document everything!!!  Take many pictures and be persistent on calling the customer service hotline.”


10 thoughts on “Sergeant’s chemical burn”

  1. It definately looks like an excessive amount of product was used. These products are meant to be applied to “spots” along the back, not to the entire length of the animals body. I question the quanity of product it took to cover that length of the dog’s body.

  2. The single one time use tube was used. There was even some left over in the tube that I threw away. And she was moving around a lot while I was applying it, so it was spotty in some areas. The product says to use entire tube, so you cant tell me because I put it along her back, and actually had some left, it caused this reaction.

  3. This picture looks like a picture of a Greyhound, not a Boxer. Boxers do not have long necks like that, and the body looks too long and lean to be a 1 year old boxer.

  4. This is HORRIFYING absolutely HORRIFYING! I wish that I hadn’t even seen this, but now that I have along with the rest of the website, I will spread the word to everyone. I am so glad she made it, she is a strong girl!

  5. This is a pretty bad photoshop job. This site has enough fake over-hyped claims already. Can we limit to stories to only true ones rather than faking stuff just to join in the hype?

  6. This exact thing happened to chihuahua!!!! I used the same thing!!! Its real!!! I couldnt find anything similar till now!!

  7. Just used it on my 3 yr old shih tzu. Ive used it before with no problems, but this time it left a burn like bumpy scab mark where applied after about 2 days. It’s very tender to the touch. Hes also very itchy all over like he actually has fleas. Not using this anymore. Not sure if it’s a chemical burn, an allergic reaction or a combination.

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