please help I don’t know what to do

I just gave my 9 month old and 4 year old huskies a flea and tick bath using hartz ultraguard plus 2 days ago. So far they are still acting normal but they keep having loose stool. I used the recommended amount which was 1 tbs per 15 pounds. We had this same problem 3 weeks ago when we gave them their first bath before we moved into our new apartment. At first I thought it was because we had changed their dog food ( the kind we used to buy was not in the area we moved to). But I noticed a red tinge to the stool. Well after about a week and a half the loose stool stopped and they were back to normal. They were eating the dog food and digesting normally. Well we just gave them another flea and tick bath after waiting 3 weeks (bottle says you can repeat the bath once every week) and the loose stool has started again. I know its not their dog food this time and i am guessing since the only other thing they have in common is the shampoo i am very worried. Especially after reading all of these stories.

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  1. After my other wise healthy 1 yr old Shitzu had two seizures from using this product. My vet told me to bring him home and use dish soap ( which he would never in any other case) to remove the medicine. He said we were lucky Chewy was young because an older dog could have died. He said it was the only thing we could do and if he would’nt eat or drink he would have had to put him in an animal hospital on I.V. From what I understood from my vet wash your dogs, and keep an eye on them.If there eating and drinking it’s a good sign.Don’t know if this was helpfull. All the best, to you and your pets.

  2. wash, wash, wash your dog and then wash them again! NO SOAP! get as much of this CRAP off them as you possibly can! I don’t understand why and HOW this horrible stuff is still in the stores! My “Babies” almost died from it. I keep telling everyone in the pet-isle in the stores to STAY AWAY from Hartz products. Sadly, some people will not listen. We ALL need to speak for our 4-leggers, they can’t! Good luck with your “Babies”

  3. Bathe with dawn dish soap and take your dog to the vet immediately!!!!! Why would you keep using this product????? And you should only bathe your dog every 5-6week. Once a week will dry their skin and using a flea shampoo once a week can overdose them!!!!! The only time you should bathe more often is if your dog has a skin condition and your vet prescribes a medicated shampoo

  4. I just found this site after taking my 9month old kitten to the vet this evening. I used the Hartz proguard flea and tick drops on her and 3 days later she was having bowel movements with a considerable amount of blood. The vet said she potentially developed colitis from ingesting some of the flea drops. As many pet owners know putting drops or any kind of medication on your pets isn’t always easy and sometimes it gets further down their back than you’d like. If the animal can potentially reach the topical medication it needs to be safe for possible ingestion.

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