Pets are family

our cat was part of the family so naturally we would do anything for him so when we got fleas we went out and got something to get rid of them well tonight not even joking 1 hour ago my little buddy passed because of what Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick spray did to him. He started by stop eating and drinking then he hide from us all the time and when we finally got him to stop hiding he wouldn’t move not even to use his litter box so I started to syringe feeding him water and some kitten milk to try and get his energy up so maybe he could fight this off I didn’t know this stuff was killing pets like this and I couldn’t afford to take him to the vet I didn’t want him to suffer like that I felt him take his last breath in my arms that is something I will never forget or forgive this company for putting out something that could do that and not even act like they care

One thought on “Pets are family”

  1. So sorry for your baby’s loss. I never used this product but thanks to your comment I will for sure stay away from it. My nightmare of almost loosing 2 of my dogs was with Sentry Pro Flea & Tick drops. Awful dangerous stuff! I also don’t understand how can any of these harmful products are even allowed to be sold!

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