Hartz poison is coursing through my cat and slowly killing him ;(

I had no idea about the terrible side effects of hartz flea and tick treatment. After finding a few fleas in the house I gave my wonderful cat jake a treatment and shortly after everything started going wrong. He’s twitching uncontrollably, his balance is off and he’s very confused. He is also biting his own feet vert hard to the point that the bleeding badly. I’m scared for him and I’m currently calling vets and begging them to treat him and allow me to pay in payments but iv had no luck.. I hope jake pulls through this and I hope all the creators of this poison know that they will one day be judged and harming gods creatures will not make him happy. May you all suffer the same fate as my poor cat. God willing.

3 thoughts on “Hartz poison is coursing through my cat and slowly killing him ;(”

  1. Yes he pulled through after a few days but he does have lasting side effects. He still has tremors and gets confused and ever since then his eyes constantly water and he sits and stares at the wall for hours. Vet said he’s fine but I still see a big change.

  2. My cat is currently going through the same thing. I was told to give her a bath with Dawn dishsoap and get as much product off as possible. She had another episode after the bath but after it stopped she is already doing better. Encourage food and drinking. The vet also suggested I put a little bit of pedialyte in her water, if you have other animals this wont hurt them to drink either. Good Luck!!

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