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I was watching 3 kittens, all different ages (5 weeks, barely 2 weeks, 3 weeks)all from different places. I was using the Hartz Milk Replacement to feed them all. The youngest and the second youngest I had for 2 days. They were both fine, eating, playing, and pottying fine. The youngest was barely beginning to open eyes, he had an eye infection, which we got medicine for and within 30 minutes his eyes were better. He was so sweet and would come to the sound of my voice. Around midnight the second youngest wanted to run around and play, so I grabbed the youngest and layed him on me to keep him warm..Everytime I layed him on me he would pee all over me. When I finally went to bed, I woke up at 6 am and checked on him and he was fine, went back to sleep and woke up at 11 am and he was fine, went back to sleep and woke up at 2:33 pm and he was dead. I disposed of his body properly. Later that day is when I got the oldest kitten to keep the second youngest company. The next day, the second youngest was acting funny, which we considered as him mouring…he would just lay there and randomly have spurts of activity. Around 3 pm he puked formula all over my boyfriend, as my boyfriend and I were cleaning up the mess, the cat puked around 3 more times. And had loose stool. I called my mom and we both thought it was distemper, we had him put down so he didn’t have to suffer..the oldest we had given a shot to help fight distemper/prevent if incase he got it. He was very tired after getting the shot and slept the whole way home (about a 20 minute drive). When I got home I layed him in the bathroom with some formula and a blanket and had to leave for school. My mom who gets home around 6:30 pm was checking on him regularly, when I got out of school around 7:45 pm I called my mother to see how the kitten was doing. She said he was doing well but they had run to the store when I got home at 8:06 pm I went up stairs to get the kitten, when I walked into the bathroom he was laying on the bathroom rug, all 4 paws out, he head down laying in dried clumps of formula. When I went to touch him he hissed and moved as far away as he could, continuously hissing. I called my mom upstairs and she picked him up and he was just stuck in that position, shaking. He could barely move his head at all. She set him down and I wrapped him in a blanket and picked him up, every little movement he meowed in pain, he had spit coming out of his mouth, still shaking and not able to move out of the position. We knew he had to be put down so he didn’t suffer…
The one thing the kittens had in common? Hartz Milk Replacer.

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  1. After working as a vet tech for a few years I don’t feel comfortable with a vet simply giving your pet a distemper vaccination just in case. If they felt your kittens had distemper they should have taken blood and tested for it, or kept him/her a few days under observation. The Hartz Kitten Milk Replacer uses whey which is a milk product. What many cat owners don’t know (my boyfriend included… and if I have to tell him not to give the cat milk one more time…) is that most cats are lactose intolerant. I’m not sure why this company is even selling this product without a warning. RIP adorable three amigo kittens and stay strong Lexie.

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