Zodiac FleaTrol Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar

I was in a rush to keep fleas off my new cat Bastet, although the problem wasn’t too bad and I’m low on cash. I found a Zodiac flea collar on Ebay for less than ten dollars, and from my Googling, it looked like it would do the trick without any huge problems.

Bastet wound up licking it for several minutes until my roommate noticed and brought me into the room to see that she was drooling. I admit that it was partially my fault in not clipping the extra collar length off right away, but I didn’t realize it was so urgent. We clipped it right away, but for a while after, Bastet was not only drooling, but was very unsteady on her feet and acting… drunk, for lack of a better word. Her behavior was odd and she was still drooling much later. I started to panic, thinking of horror stories like those from Hartz, and looked up a vet hotline. My sleep schedule is the opposite of most of the world’s, though, so my vet wasn’t open and I couldn’t afford the hotline bills that cost more than a vet visit. I took off the collar and washed the area with soapy water and she seems to have calmed down… I’d like some advice and to warn people about this. The warnings on the back of the box didn’t mention any side effects, and only gave poison treatment options for if someone swallowed it or got it in their eye.

I looked up the active ingredient (propoxur) and found this horrifying list of possible side effects:
Abdominal cramps.
Skin irritation.

So yeah, I’m still kind of scared. I haven’t induced vomiting or anything, but I did encourage Bastet to drink water, and she ate something on her own without throwing it up.

Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?

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  1. I overdosed my chihuahua once by accident on flea meds by guessing at her weight and giving her a dose for a heavier dog than I should have and my sister, the registered vet tech, came to the rescue and taught me a great way to remember what to do in situations like this. She said, “The solution to pollution is dilution.” Of course at first I had no idea why she was Dr. Seussing me, but then she explained what she meant.

    She told me to get the poison out of her system before it got too concentrated in the blood stream I needed to bathe, bathe, bathe as soon as possible and force her to drink as much water as possible. The chemicals that have not yet made it into the bloodstream will attach to the fluids on, and in, the pet and dilute the concentration, hopefully bringing the poisoning down to a non lethal level.

    My suggestion for the future, spring for some flea drops instead of going with a collar or, if you’re in a pinch for cash, give the animal a couple good baths in regular blue dawn dish-soap, lathering it thickly starting at the head in a circle around the area where the eyes and nose are (don’t want to get too close to the eyes and mouth cause it will make kitty go loco) and working down the rest of the body from there doing the legs and feet last. Leave the dawn on for AT-LEAST 5 mins before rinsing.

    Every-time you or a child or anyone touches a flea collar with your hands you are absorbing those same toxic chemicals that make your kitty sick and god forbid a child pet it and then lick their hands.

  2. I had the same problem with the drops by zodiac i have four kitties and gave them all drops it says they cant reach a certain place on there back so I did that but because its an oily type it eventually works its way down the body…which i did not see hapening except on the shoulder blades where they all licked at and started foaming at the mouth.
    one of our cats cant be bathed at all she goes too loco, so we dbought the drops by zodiac and the spray for the floors, that worked fine but not the drops we still have fleas on soome of the cats

  3. I just had the exact type of situation go on about 2 hours ago.
    I purchased a Zodiac flea collar for my Min pin. She ended up finding a way to lick the damn collar and upon doing so she started drooling and tremoring.
    At that point I decided to immediately take her to the Vet.
    They helped her out by giving her Activated Charcoal and some IV fluids.
    IT was such a frightful experience, I’m glad she didn’t consume too much otherwise she would’ve undergone seizures.

    Stay away from this brand along with Hartz, they produce hazardous products for our furry loved ones.

  4. i used the Zodia®️ Flew & tick collar on my cat, it was on him for a day or 2 until he got aggressive and ripped it off of himself. a day after he got very dehydrated and lethargic.. the next day i found my cat dead.. please please use caution using this products. best wishes -krimsin

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