I want to spread Awareness about Flea and Tick Medicine. 
I bought Piper from a shelter for my daughter who is 13 last year for Christmas. She is a very sweet cat and was 7 month old when we got her. She is now a year and a half.

Now just to get it straight i didn't get it because it was cheap. I got it because i didn't think our cat Piper who is an indoor only cat needed as much protection as our dog Regan who goes outside all the time. I just wanted something to make sure the fleas stayed off Piper in case one happened to come in the house. 

Monday morning 9/8/13 I put the Hartz Ultra flea and tick dot medicine on Piper it was her 3rd dose and all other times she was fine. On Tuesday Morning 9/9/13 I noticed Piper was shaking a lot and could not walk as well (Piper is a year and a half). So i called our Vet. The Vet tech said that she was having a toxic side affect of the Hartz. to bath her with dawn to get it off and if she is not better to bring her to the pet ER. 
I bathed Piper twice with dawn to get the poison off of her. Now most of you know that cats do not like water and will claw you to death during a bath. I bathed her twice and only have 2 minor small scratches pretty much came out of it unscathed. It just shows you how sick she really was. After an hour she was still not getting better. So I took her to New England Animal Medical Center we arrived around 10 am. The Vet that took care of her confirmed she had flea product toxicity. The shaking was actually tremors. They wanted to keep her over night for treatment and observation. This being my daughter's cat and love of her life right now of course i would do anything to save this sweet kitty. While we were there they started her on IV fluids and meds and said that i got most of the Hartz off of her with the 2 baths. The DR gave me the game plan and told me she would call me around 6pm with an update. 

That call came around 4pm AMAZINGLY Piper was doing great. she was meowing and acting like a cat. They said she could come home. I was at work so i called my neighbor and asked her if she could take my daughter to the Vet to pick up Piper(this neighbor came with me in the morning so i could hold on to the kennel and make sure she was ok on the trip). Piper came home with a cone around her neck and muscle relaxers we have to give her 2 times a day for 3 days. and we have to keep the cone on for 3 days too. My daughter was worried because piper was not acting herself at home but she was fine and just tired from being sick and from the medicine. 

Today 9/11/13 Piper is doing wonderful although she HATES the cone and tries get it off. But all in all she is wonderful and getting back to her normal year and a half old cat self. This picture I took last night she was just relaxing with her feet on Regan our puggle and Regan knowing something was wrong was perfectly fine with Piper resting her feet on her. It was a very sweet dog/cat moment

I really want to Thank the staff at New England Animal Medical Center for all the help they provided and saving the life of this sweet little girl.

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