My cat is my world. I got her right before my sister died and I would’ve been a complete wreck without her. That being said, I will never ever use Hartz ever again!!!!! Whenever I visit my brother’s, I always manage to bring back fleas because he doesn’t bother to give his own cats flea medicine. Being low on money I decided to get something cheap at walmart, which unfortunately turned out to be a 3-pack of Hartz flea remover medicine. A couple friends assured me despite the cost it worked great. I wish I would’ve reconsidered.

The first dose had no effect whatsoever. My cat wasn’t bothered and neither were the fleas. The second time (one month later) however, I knew something was wrong the day after applying. My cat likes to climb, and when she jumped onto my desk she slipped and fell, twice. I didn’t think anything of it at first, until it began happening again and again. Soon she was running into walls and falling off the bed like she didn’t know how to gauge distance anymore. It scared me to death.

The next day she wouldn’t play at all and seemed extremely tired and uninterested in everything. I got worried and googled “wobbliness in cats” thinking maybe it was an ear infection or something that had messed with her equilibrium and was making her fall over and run into things. I just so happened to see pages relating to Hartz products. As I read through the symptoms that someone had described (uncannily similar to my cat’s), I researched further and found this website to find that Hartz products mess up pets in all sorts of ways. I picked up some Dawn to wash out what might’ve been left on her skin and fur and immediately took her to the vet, along with the flea medicine packaging.

The vet determined that the flea medicine had caused “hypersensitivity” which began to slowly poison her as the medicine was absorbed into the skin. He praised me on washing the remainder of it off because if it had been on for one more day (and therefore more of it had been absorbed) I probably would’ve woken up to a dead cat.

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  1. You and I were both lucky. Our cats lived. Still, it was a scarey time. I now have 2 rescue dogs and my cat is alive and well but nothing with the Hartz name will ever be in my home.

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