I couldn’t save MY LIFE SAVERS life..Hartz Guard products POISONED my baby girl and KILLED HER!!!!

Hello, I put my 11 month old Shih Tzu to sleep today 8/16/13.  I had a rambunctious vibrant puppy.  I had given her a bath on the morning of 7/21/13 and I saw that she had 2 fleas on the top of her head.  As a concerned pet owner I went to my local Walmart and purchased a Hartz collar and put it on her when I got home.  She started to show signs she wasn’t herself a day later and I couldn’t for the life of me think as to what was making her so ill.  The only thing I had did different was that I put on that flea collar (mind you that was the ONLY flea collar that she had ever worn).  I took it off of her immediately and her appetite returned for a brief period of time.  I had read so many horror stories about how peoples pets have died because of these products.  But being a Hartz Guard customer for years with my other dogs and NEVER have had a problem I just thought that the flea collar was to strong for her and that maybe I should bathe her with your flea shampoo (which does not have a weight limit on it) and also read in conjunction with your flea drops that the flea problem would be under control, her symptoms returned and I had stopped using these products.  From July 21 until today August 16, 2013 the only thing I did different was use these products on 3 different occasions.  After using the shampoo and the drops within the same week (August 4-August 10) she deteriorated quickly.  I took her to the vet as soon as I noticed she hadn’t eaten within a close to 48 hour period.  Our vet treated her for an infection and told us to go home and wash her with Dawn and sent home antibiotics.  That was on August 10, 2013.  It is now August 16, 2013 and due to her being poisoned by these products she started seizing at 2pm and by 3:30pm she was GONE!!  She was my life and due to all the health issues that I have had since the end of the year last year she gave me strength to move forward.  Now because they don’t put harder restrictions on their products my baby girl is GONE!!

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