Girlfriend’s Cat

In december 2013, I had bought my girlfriend a cute, beautiful, little turkish angora kitten. We took it to the vet and found out it had mites and fleas. We updated all of her vaccinations and got vet friendly drops for the mites, but found their flea shampoo expensive. We went to wal mart and bought hartz flea shampoo. We have another older 9 year old cat Poose, who we thought would have picked up the fleas as well. So we decided to give both cats a shower to rid of the annoyance. A couple of days later, Poose was constantly in the cat litter meowing in pain and would vomit and lie around. Mind you Poose is all around a healthy cat. We took her to the vet and had to ┬áleave her over night, We had gotten blood tests done which came back saying the poor old girl was poisoned. Staying over night, the vet had given her antibiotics and she came back within a day, slightly recovered. The bill had come to over $200 and we weren’t very financially settled at the time. ┬áSo, we decided to contact hartz to let them know that their flea collar and flea soap had poisoned our cat. We filed all of the paper work to apply for reimbursement. It took a few months for all the paper work to go through and we finally called because of no word from them. They had simply said that Poose’s symptoms didn’t match up to the other symptoms of other animals being sensitive to their product. What? please make sense of this for me. Poose lives a simple life. She is an indoor cat and eats the same food all the time. I’m out $250 and my intelligence is insulted and there’s nothing I can do.


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  1. Hartz is very good at insultiing one’s intelligence. They are also very good at placing the blame for hurting animals anywhere but on their heads. Many years ago I used Hartz flea and tick drops on a young stray cat that was camping out with a feral colony I was caring for A friend of mine also a cat lover and RN was helping me to put the drops on the cat. With in 30 minutes, she knew something was very wrong. We grabbed the cat and bathed him. That wasn’t enough so we took him to a Vet. It cost me over 500.00 to save his life, however he has neurological damage.

    I called Hartz 3 times each time I got a “Leave your name , number andwhat the problem is and we’ll get back to you”. Three months later they called me. I was told if I had the orginal packing, a store reciept and a certified letter from a Vet stating that the flea drops had caused the probelm with the cat they would give me the cost of the product back.

    That sort of upset me and I told the lady that I didn’t really care about that small amount of money but I did want to know when they would be pulling the product off the shelves. Her reply and I quote was, ” You must be stupid to think Hartz would pull a product that they make so much money from over a cat”. I won’t bother digressing into what came out of my mouth afetr that.

    Hartz will never change they are out to make a buck and they could care less how many pets are injured or killed by their products.

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