Cats not feeling good after using Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tick drops on them

I have used Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tick Drops for cats on both of my cats for the past couple of moths and it seems to have kept the fleas at bay. The first one or two times I used them my cats seemed kind of lethargic after I put it on them, which seemed strange, but they seemed to come out of it within a day or so, so I didn’t worry much about. Last night I put it on them though and not only did they seem lethargic and like they didn’t feel good but today I noticed one of them shaking its back leg occasionally like she had something on it and also scratching the back of her head a lot. There wasn’t anything on her leg and both cats were still acting like they weren’t feeling good so I started Googling her symptoms and what might be going on. That is when I came across this blog and MANY reviews on other websites that indicated their cats had the same reaction. It is scary thinking that a product that has so many negative reviews and can cause these types of problems in cats, is still being sold! I am really hoping that my cats don’t have any long term effects. I think they are going to be ok but was so displeased with this, that I wanted to post something to warn others not to use this product at all! It is not worth the well being of your cat!

4 thoughts on “Cats not feeling good after using Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tick drops on them”

  1. I hope your kitty is okay today… When we read this, our cat was experiencing exactly the same symptoms… we held our breath all night, praying. It appears he’s dodged a bullet, thank goodness, but we worry that there may be some long-term renal damage. I wonder if there are any studies that track that?

  2. my girlfriend bought some for out lab/husky pup.. i called the vet the woamn behind the desk said let me ask the vet tech
    wrong move she said do what it says on the box we did
    made his eyes red and puffy and a rash on his belly.. called the co they said wash the stuff off with dawn i did and he’s better
    now i don’t recommend hartz

  3. You should bathe your cats completely as the junk stays in the fur and the more they groom the more they ingest. Please, it could prevent long term damage.

    I have 3 cats that reacted and one has kidney stones/disease and has seizures occasionally, thankfully not as often as the first year after it happened.

    Its almost 3 years and my JJ still has random seizures;-(

  4. I used this on my cats last night and one did fine but her sister has been very lethargic. If I would have known about this site ahead of time I never would have wasted my money on something this dangerous.

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