15 doller treatment = 300 in vet bills

I did not know about this site until a few days ago. But after reading several of your stories I feel as if I should share mine.

Now before anyone says that I do not care about my cat I am sure that many pet parients here would agree with me when I say “I would rather die a thousand painful deaths than to knowingly cause harm.”

With that said my story starts on the evening on April 12 2012. I was between paydays and a little short on funds. I had just payed some bills and bought food (even food for whisper) so I just grabbed one of the first items I saw (Adam’s Flea and Tick drops) cost me 15 dollars. When I got home I followed the instructions on the box. Jump to the morning on April 16 Whisper poops on my desk so after cleaning it up I call the vet. When we get there just after they open the doctor runs her tests which I was told would take 15 minutes . When the doctor came back I was asked “What did you use?” when I told her what I had used the doctor said that is the problem. But knock on wood Whisper’s tests came back clean.

Now these days I set aside money every 4 months to get the better treatments.

For those who have survied the illness may you have many happy years. For those who have lost may you find peace. For those who have not suffered any ill effects may you never do.

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