I applied the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Drop on my cat today. Within one hour she began making strange noises and expressions. At first I just thought she was maybe uncomfortable with the product on her back but then she started to run around and then became completely lethargic and had a hard time breathing. I googled this product and came across your website.
I’m praying that based on all the advice (bathing the animal and washing him/her with dawn dish soap thoroughly and providing lots of water to flush out their system) that my cat survives this horrible incident. In the meantime, I suggest WE ALL PRINT OUT THESE COMPLAINTS and take them to all our local grocery stores and demand that they pull Hartz products off the shelves immediately. These forums are incredibly helpful and informative but in order to make a real difference we need to do more than just write a couple sentences. LET’S TAKE AGGRESSIVE ACTION (Print out these complaints and take them to Petco, Petsmart, local grocery stores, post of FB etc. ) AND TAKE HARTZ OUT OF BUSINESS! To all of you who have lost a loving pet because of this disgusting company….keep fighting so we don’t lose anymore!

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