My poor baby….

Here’s my story….

Hubby and I went out of town for a few days, and my mother babysat our dog for us.  She’s a 10 month old pure Boxer.  When we returned, she had a couple fleas, she’s never had any before.  My mom felt bad, so she bought us some Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC.  I applied it on her back the next day.  For about a week, where I applied the medicine, her hair looked really nasty….like glue or something had gotten on her.  After that first week of the medicine being on her, her hair fell off where the medicine was applied, and a big nasty blister formed.  Now, almost her entire back where the medicine was applied is either a blister or raw skin.  Trying to hold off on bringing her to the vet, because I know that will be very expensive.  She is eating and drinking normally.  Once that changes, I know it’s definetly time to bring her in.  Does anyone know if Hartz is paying for any vet bills, since it is their product that is causing damage?

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  1. just an update on my story….
    we brought our dog to the vet today. they had to cut a lot of the dead skin off. cleaned it very well. 3 topical medications, 2 oral medications, a lampshade around her neck, and $325 later, we feel a lot better about her outcome.

  2. I just found this site and realized we had poisoned our French bulldog! He has been lethargic unable to walk has had a low grade fever, not eating, heart rate through the roof! And we tracked what we had done with him the pat two days. Only difference was applying hartz ultra guard flea and tick prevention. He still has difficulty walking but we are determined to help he recover and NEVER again use this product!

  3. Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC is NOT a Hartz product – How does this relate to Hartz Mountain Corp. ? Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. is the manuacturer ….

    Get the facts straight

  4. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, Geof. I have been doing treatments on my dog twice a day, for 2 weeks, an hour each treatment. We have a minimum of 2 weeks remaining. I thought that this website was to let people know about harmful products. Seems like it to me! I’ve read other posts about Sergeants. Oh wait…are you an employee of Hartz?? That must be it. Until you can sympathize with people, maybe you should stay off this page.

  5. And another thing……did I EVER say Hartz brand was to blame?? No. I specifically stated the product that I used. And as mentioned before, I have read posts about Sergeant’s brand as well. Learn some sensitivity.

  6. Last wednesday my husband applied Hartz topical flea and tick ointment to my siberian husky. He followed the exact directions on the package. About one hour later he began acting very strange. The next morning he was lethargic and not eating at all. In addition, his skin on his back near his neck was extremely red and wheeping. I took him in to the vet and they said it was an allergic reaction to the Hartz product. They also related to me how BAD this product is. That they have had cats and dogs come in seizing and even dying. My dear Charlie ended up staying at the vet. I picked him up Saturday. By Sunday night he was even worse. His skin was extremely red and wheeping all down his back, exactly where my husband had applied the product. I took him in to the vet first thing Monday morning. The dog had all of his hair shaved off to be treated. When done the dr said it was not only an allergic reaction but in addition he had severe chemical burns all down his back. Labs were drawn and his kidneys and liver have been affected. That is how toxic this product can be. And yes I know many may say they have used this product and had no problem. I would understand an allergic reaction happening, BUT I do know a product should not be sold if it has the chance of causing severe chemical burns. My dog is still at the vet and will continue to do be until he gets better….

  7. Diana, how is your husky doing? Our Roxy is currently on week 3 of treatment, looking much better. SERGEANT’S brand flea and tick ointment completely ate her skin and hair off her entire back. As of now, she has about 12″ long by 2″ wide of raw meat showing. Which is good, compared to the 18″ by 4″ exposed before treatments. My advice to you is to document everything. Take pictures. Print them. Contact Hartz and start filing a claim with them. SERGEANT’S, so far, is completely working with us. I sent them copies of the receipt of purchase, copies of vet bills, copies of the vet’s notes, description of the treatments we are having to do twice a day, and lots and lots of pictures. Waiting to hear a response from them. Good luck on everything Diana!

  8. Can anyone explain to me how to post a picture here? I’d love to share some pictures of what Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC did to our baby. Thanks!!

  9. “Does anyone know if Hartz is paying for any vet bills, since it is their product that is causing damage?” You said exactly that.. that Hartz was to blame. Still ridiculous that they sell shit that can hurt animals.

  10. “Does anyone know if Hartz is paying for any vet bills, since it is their product that is causing damage?”. You did actually say that it was Hartz to blame… Still ridiculous any company can sell anything that can harm our animals.

  11. No, they will not even acknowledge you had an issue. I am a vet tech snd have seen way more reactions from it that I would ever want to. If your pup has burnt skin on its back, do not make it wait till other signs to go in. Have you ever had a chemical burn? They hurt like h*** and without treatment, there is no relief untill the product stops working. The only thing you can do at home for reactions from Hartz is wash your pet where applied, primarily, with Dawn. That is one of the first things we will do at the hospital.

  12. Thank you Samantha. I ended up bringing her in that same day. Just couldn’t take her suffering. We are currently on week 6 of doing the hydrotherapy/Dermachlor/Nitrofurazone/Trypzyme treatment on her. She has gained about 7 pounds since our first vet visit with this, on August 7th. On Aug 7, the exposed area with no skin or hair was 18″ long by 2″ wide, pretty much her entire back had her ‘meat’ showing. As of today, the exposed area with no skin is around 4″ by 1″. She’s doing much better!!! I also have a claim with SERGEANT’S. (just wanted to make sure people don’t get mistaken with me blaming anyone else). I sent them copies of our vet bills, vet reports, pictures, everything. Total vet bills so far are at $500, and I’ve missed a total of 12 hours from work, bringing her to the multiple vet appointments. Luckily, she has been getting much better and we are near the end of this ordeal. Thanks goodness!!!

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