I just buried my little sweetheart in my backyard…

I have used Sergeants flea and tick drops about two times on my four dogs before, and they weren’t too effective, but they never harmed my dogs. I gave them a dose last night, the drops for dogs 33 pounds or under. However, two of my dogs are much tinier than that, a little less than ten pounds. I split a tube between the two. Everything was fine, so I thought.

I woke up, and my precious baby Peanut, who was a Chihuahua and weenie dog mix, couldn’t move any of his limbs or his neck. His heart rate was very fast, and me and my boyfriend were concerned. Unfortunately, I could not use the car we had, and I couldn’t get a ride to the vets clinic. I walked with my baby wrapped in a towel for 30 minutes so I could hopefully save him. The whole time he looked terrified and every time his breathing slowed he looked at me like “why can’t you help me?”. I got to the clinic to find it was closed until further notice and he died right in my arms as I sat outside the door and cried. I am also pregnant for the first time and was so excited for my baby to meet my soon-to-be baby…

It only cost me $13 to kill my favorite dog in the whole world….don’t buy this poison


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  1. What can we do to get this crap off the shelves before anyone else buries their baby. God saved my dog but he was extremely ill. I think the thing thAt saved mine was I bought the wrong weight kind for my pit/boxer and I think saved him. He was very ill, vomiting, lethargic, just stated off into space, excessive drinking and panting. It was awful. I am so sorry for everyone that has lost a pet because of this crap !! Where do we go from here to stop this !!!!!!

  2. I have filed a complaint and they sent forms for their “investigation of the claim”, apparently my dog is a claim. They sent gifts for my other dogs and a card with “deepest sympathy at this most difficult time and are very sorry for the loss of my pet”. When I called to report it, she wanted to transfer me to a medical hotline, for what? To bring my dog back to life? I can’t believe they still sell this. So sad

  3. Did you split a dose for your two little dogs that was intended for a 33 pound or under dog? Half of 30 is 15 and you said you dogs weighed under ten pounds. You might have actually given them more than there size could handle. If your dog weighs 8 lbs than what you gave them would be the equivalent of 4 doses. Just saying.

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