This product has taken my puppy’s life in return!!!!! :'( Buried my baby in the yard.

Little did I know what this product was capable of doing! My 7 month old shih tzu was a healthy, lovely and always playful little pup. I gave him baths about every week and a half. I had no clue a bath could end a puppy’s life so cruel and quickly. I followed the instructions and “precautionary statements” on the back of the “Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo” like the common pet owner would. I had used this product a couple of times before (on my big-older dog), but had never experienced what I went through with my puppy earlier.

After giving him the bath we noticed he was acting very unusual and was trembling dramatically. We thought the bath might have given him a fever or a cold, so we wrapped him in a thin blanket and tried comforting him. Still, he was shaking and convulsing as if the problem was more severe and serious (in which it was). We tried feeding him milk to make sure he was still conscious, as to this point we pretty much knew he was having some type of seizure. In less then 20 minutes in which we were panicking and getting ready to take him to the vet, our little one’s heart stopped beating 🙁 . Baffled and saddened by this horrible tragedy, we wondered what could possibly have happened. A truly spontaneous and tragic way of dying, never did I expect such “pet product” to do the opposite of what it’s intended for! I wish I would have seen this website and done more research before applying that awful product on my angel. I grieve along with everyone in this site and my condolences go out to all of you who lost your angels due to some careless company. I will do everything I can in my hands to get an answer as to why this happened and of course, nothing will bring me back my puppy, but I would really like to publicize this matter and warn everyone out there of the deep dark truth behind this product! Hope you guys will do the same and keep up with all the possible ways of making our voice be heard.

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