Kitten at death’s door after consuming hartz precision milk replacer.

My husband & I have been caring for an abandoned newborn kitten for a couple of weeks now. We’ve been bottle feeding him GNC milk replacer & he’s been thriving & doing really well. I had purchased Hartz milk replacer also when we first got him but never used until last night when we ran out of the other milk. This morning the baby & his box were covered with diarrhea (he’s never pooped on is own until now), his eyes were glazed over & he could barely move. We took him to animal emergency just a few hours ago & they didn’t think it was caused from switching the milk. He is staying there overnight & being treated with fluids & minimal care because all the tests they wanted to do would be $1100-$1700. We just can’t afford that.

I came home & I just couldn’t see what else could make him that sick, that fast, other than switching his milk last night. I got on the internet & found this site & see in posts the exact same symptoms this product produces. I called the hospital a little while ago & informed them of what I’ve read here & what the vet did to save a kitten I read about in another post. She said on the phone that he has already perked up just from receiving fluids but still needs to be there. Hopefully he will continue to improve. I really believe the Hartz is what caused it.

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  1. Update: Our little buddy survived & is doing well. Because of the minimal care he received (fluids & treated blindly with antibiotics) the vet could not say for certain what caused him to nearly die. I know what I believe.

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