Hartz almost killed my cat and almost cost me a job.

Last summer my husband got laid off from work and to save money we used Hartz on our baby. She almost died and it was the worst few days of my life. She recovered and we learned a valuable lesson. I took a job at Walmart until my husband could go back to work and I would tell every single person that came through my line with any Hartz product that the stuff was poison and would kill their cats. My thought was that I did not care if Walmart fired me if I could save at least one life. One night my boss overheard me and I was coached several times for telling customers to not buy a product. I kept doing it and was honestly on the verge of being fired when my husband finally got called back to work. The point is that something needs to be done, Hartz knows this stuff is garbage, the stores selling it knows it is garbage and because it makes money NO ONE cares. All Hartz will do is send you a check for 8 dollars and apologize and Walmart will nearly fire a good employee for trying to save an animals life.

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  1. I feel your pain!!! My dog almost died as well. But there are hundreds!!! of stories with bad endings. I’ve been trying to contact the news media regarding this. In hopes to shed some light on this topic!!

  2. I really feel your pain!!!! I just put some Heartz kitten spray on a rag and rub on my 4 one year old cats on 7-14-13 and they became really sick like a drunk person walking and real bad seizures. My parents and i rushed them to the emergency vet hospital and had them treated. They are still on medications until 7-17-13 and then we are praying that they put thru and have no more seizures. They vet said it effected their Nervous system and caused their brains to swell!!!

  3. I had the same exact issue with my cat years ago. The vet bill was over $300. I actually got them to refund the money I paid for the product and also the vet bill. I had to get something from the vet, on their letterhead, saying that their product is what caused injury to my cat. I also had to send them the receipt for the product and the empty packaging. Oh, and lastly, I (of course) had to sign a form they sent me saying I would seek no legal action. At the time I just needed the money back we had paid at the vet so I did it. This was years ago…probably 10 or so…its been going on a long long time. I am not sure anything can legally be done to stop them but those who suffer a loss need to keep on them…make it not worth the money they are making on this product. Make them pay vet bills and get vets involved.Bombard them with letters,emails, and phone calls.

  4. My daughters 9 week old kitten just died after putting a pinch of the Hartz flea powder on his back. I thought there was no possible way from the amount that I put on it that it would harm the the kitten. He was dead with in 24 hrs. Symptoms were glassy eyes, stumbling, couldn’t eat or drink. Dead with in 4 hrs that symptoms started. From a pinch of the product! The kids will be holding the funeral for the sweetest kitten I’ve ever seen this afternoon. Get Hartz products off the shelves!!!!

  5. I bought the Hartz flea powder for my kitten. I am a collage student so I went with the cheapest solution. I powdered my cat head to tail, and I powdered where the cat sleeps, just as the instructions on the product dictate. luckily nothing happened to the cat, but my eyes were burning and I was sneezing. I came online and I saw all these horror stories. Right now I am scared for my health, and the cat has been licking that stuff off of its fur. I decided to thoroughly wash the cat, vacuum my house and, throw away the product. The ingredients in this product (Tetrachlorvinphos) are the same class nerve agents as what Saddam Hussein used against the Iranians. How the hell is this garbage on the shelves. This stuff is carcinogenic can lead to permanent nerve damage. Every time I look at my cat, I feel guilty for exposing him to this poison. He didn’t even have any fleas, but he had tapeworms which come from eating fleas. I was just trying to be on the safe side, and didnt know what the hell I was getting myself into.

  6. Dear Hal;I know how you,and every other pet owner who unknowingly poisoned their pet feels;my poor Labrador retriever,”Luke”,died because of a pesticide exposure.His death was long and drawn out and i still hate myself for exposing him,(even though i was only 19 at the time,and was assured by “professionals”that the product was “safe”for both humans and pets.)It killed Luke and led to permanent,disabling health problems for me(lymphatic cancer)
    Too late,i learned that there were nontoxic,effective ways to control pest insects.
    Fleas can be killed easily by a simple wash with 7th Generation dish-soap into which lemon oil,orange oil,or tea tree oil has been mixed(i get the best effects by using lemon+tea tree oil combos.)I then follow up with a final rinse with a lemon/tea tree oil /water solution.Stray fleas can be removed with a flea comb.This method is safe,leaves no toxic residues,and the only precaution one must observe is to keep the oils+soap out of your pet’s eyes.
    .In the house,wash pets bedding in hot water-or sprinkle diatomaceous earth wherever your pets sleep or hang out.Vacuum carpets frequently.Mop tile or wooden floors with citrus or tea tree oil/water solutions(I’ve even sprayed it on the floor with a plant mister bottle.Keep floors scrupulously clean-(flea larvae feed on dirt+organic matter)Boric acid can be sprinkled along baseboards,between floorboards,+under couches,+appliances(this will kill roaches,too.It can also be sprinkled under rugs.Not totally benign-but better than flea bites!
    Area feed stores or garden centers will have diatomaceous earth.Food grade diatomaceous earth has long been added to animal feeds by farmers to control intestinal parasites(tapeworms ,roundworms ,ect ..);there are recipes that tell you how much to add to your pets feed.It is safe-its used as an abrasive in human toothpaste!Finally,fleas can be controlled outdoors with numerous methods;we’ve used diatomaceous earth(spread with a seed-spreader),Eco -Smart granules,Orange-Guard Spray(for our patio) Finally,my personal favorite for ease of application,(it can be applied with a liquid fertilizer applicator,that can be screwed onto a garden hose-like those sold for Miracle-Gro)-fabulous predatory nematodes that kill flea larvae in the soil(as an added benefit,these predators also kill other undesirable pest larvae-including Fire Ant larva !)I buy my predatory nematodes at GardensAlive.com;the only caveat is they are living creatures,and must be applied soon after receiving them.A prolonged dry spell will decrease their numbers in your soil,so you will need to reapply them periodically.But they will NEVER poison you or your pets!There are natural solutions to almost ANY pest;even predatory nematodes to destroy termite colonies ! Even hard-to-treat pests,like ticks,and bedbugs can be completely permanently eradicated by new heat treatments.The heat treatments work where multiple toxic chemicals have failed-and are worth every penny(probably more cost effective when you factor in the costs of multiple chemical applications +resulting ,health problems for people,+pets.etc..), NEVER accept the assurance that the chemical pest control that someone is trying to push on you is trying”safe”-particularly if the person assuring you of its safety has a financial motive for concealing the truth!I paid for my naivete -indeed am still paying -in both feelings of guilt about my poor dog,and my own ill health.Go to “BeyondPesticides.com”-for a wealth of information about pesticide safety issues(and also information on the barrage of supposedly “safe”chemicals we encounter daily in consumer products sold on the shelves of most stores in America!

  7. Im surprised to see a lot comments i fell so guilty to use this product in my chibese crested dog she lost almost all your hair because this awful drops hertz!!!!

  8. I bought the hartz flea collars for my six dogs yesterday today I noticed 2 of them were shaking really bad I took the collars off all dogs but the 2 continued to shake and couldn’t walk they kept stumbling they only had the collars on maybe 24 hours I called a vet and she said to give the dogs a bath using dawn dish soap one of the dogs got better not quite normal and one is still shaking and stumbling i am beyond mad and don’t know what to do

  9. Why the hell isn’t this shit illegal?! I don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does nobody also research things they put on their so-called “beloved” pets, if they love them so much? Stop blindly trusting companies, they have never not been liars. :'( It kills me knowing all these pet deaths and irresponsible owners continue to go on, after decades of this happening. I know they shouldn’t be allowed to sell it, but do your due diligence, people! Your pet is worth it! I wish PETA or some sort of animal rights group would just commit some warefare on Hartz. Like, doing something to their building, or attacking people who work there. They need SOMEONE to tell them this is not acceptable! Because it’s NOT.

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