neurological damage on a Chihuahua

I used hartz flea drops on thursday night after giving him a bath and he was dry later went to bed , when I got up the next morning to find him contorted and bent he seemed to be trying to bite his tail and was spinning in circles when I picked him up I realized he wouldn’t straighten his body. I tried to get him to straighten but it is hard for him i gave him another bath to try to get it off him he will eat and drink but needs help. I do not know what to do I can not afford the vet bills

2 thoughts on “neurological damage on a Chihuahua”

  1. get your pet to a vet dont worry about bill. a vet tech and your pets health is.our first concern just walk in tell them it was hartz!…they can payment plan u and they cant keep your pet but by ignoring it needs care is neglect and illegal, its animal abuse. PET ARMOUR IS CHEAPER THAN FRONTLINE BY HALF THE PRICE AND HAS SAME INGREDIENT. AGAIN GET YPUR PET TO VET IF SHOWING ANY ODD BEHAVIOR IF U USE HARTZ!

  2. How long is Hartz going to be allowed to put there poisen in stores? haven’t they killed enough dogs and cat? Can’t they be held responsibal?

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