If I had known…

Wish I had found this website three days ago.  We used Hartz Ultra Guard drops on our three dogs for ticks,  The bigger two dogs are okay, but our granddaughter’s chihuahua, Yoda died today.  We didn’t give him the full dose for a 5 lb. dog, but it was still too much.  He was just laying in the yard a couple of days ago and didn’t seem too bad.  We brought him inside and he didn’t run and jump on the couch like he usually does.  He would only lay around…wouldn’t eat or drink.  This morning he was walking around and drank some water and a little milk.  We thought he was getting better.  This afternoon, he would try to walk and would stagger and fall…and a few hours later he was laying in his bed and convulsed a couple of times and died.  Please, please do not use this stuff on your pets.

One thought on “If I had known…”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Please don’t blame yourself. Most people see Hartz as a trusted brand and until something like this happens you have no way of knowing otherwise. I had a serious scare with my cat last summer and for a long time I carried a lot of guilt until someone told me the same thing.

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