Cat killer!

I am absolutely heart broken. i gave my cat sargeants flea killer and it killed my cat. Never ever buy this product

4 thoughts on “Cat killer!”

  1. What happened to your cat? I shampooed my cat, then read the bottle. It said do not use on cats. I called 800 # and they told me to wash him dawn. I did, 4x’s. It’s now 24 hours later and I’m still worried. He only had the shampoo on about 20 mins before I wash it off. He seemed to be having a muscle twitching episode about 20 mins ago but that’s the only symptoms he has shown.

    Sorry about your cat. They shouldn’t selling this stuff. It appears to be very toxic and there are a lot of animal deaths reported.

  2. Thats crap almost killed my puppies. Wash them in Dawn once a day. Buy aloe lotion. Sargants will not do anything about it but refund your money. It almost burnt their skin off.

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